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    [PROTOTYPE] CTF-FG-Planetarium

    Game Mode: Capture The Flag
    Recommended Players: 4-16 (2-8 per team)

    Hi guys and gals, my name is Kalle "Glacke" Nyström and this is my map Planetarium.
    Download Link:

    Planetarium is a fast paced and jumppad-heavy capture the flag map set in space, where controlling the middle section is the key to success. It consists of the middle section with two floors and alot of jumppads. Two bases with two floors each. There are also four paths connecting to each base, two between the lower middle floor and two between the upper middle floor. Because the middle is the key to success gameplay-wise I focused alot on it for artstyle and resemblance as well, making the middle section wide with a big glass dome looking into space - hence the name Planetarium. So not only is it meant to be the main area of play, but also the most unique aspect of the map.

    This level is an early blockout and I would love any feedback this great community could provide! Anything from gameplay to artstyle tips before I get too deep into the styling of the level. I tried my best styling the blockout to make it clean and easy to play, but will soon begin to make it prettier by using the official Unreal Tournament art . I am also one of the students from FutureGames and was part of the 14 CTF maps linked in a thread made by Hourences (

    Note: I will add more screenshots showing more angles and all the paths and areas, as well as pointing out weapons, flags and spawns etc.

    I hope ya'll enjoy it, good luck and have fun!

    Oh and thanks alot for taking your time helping an aspiring game designer!
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    Awesome map! It's really fun, good job!
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      Hi, even if I like your map there are two annoying things to fix;
      -first: the collisions on your light mesh (for example it's pretty hard to use lift from flag room -during a fight- without being blocked by them)
      -second: the mini stairs from the center dont fit with the theme of your map: they should replaced by ramps and be snapped to the closest wall to prevent players from falling behind while they fight.
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        Thanks alot for the feedback BloodK1nG and I have to say you have very valid points which I agree with. I will definitely fix those issues!