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CTF-Rocketbunny - trying to bring bunnytrack + defrag into UT4

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    CTF-Rocketbunny - trying to bring bunnytrack + defrag into UT4

    Hi all!

    I wasn't sure where to exactly post this but I guess this forum section isn't too wrong.

    As people are familar with bunnytrack in UT and defrag in Quake I have been trying to connect these in UT99 and create maps where you can practice your rocketboosting skills and have fun boosting around/mess yourself with other players.
    I never put that much effort in it but created several prototypes over the years.

    Truth is that it doesn't work THAT well in UT99 because rocket 6packs more or less take all fun and skill away and single rocket boosts aren't as effective ..unless you enable low gravity which will result in moaning and groaning and LARGE maps.

    Don't get me wrong...I always loved the classic RL but it just wasn't made for something like this...unless you wanted to blast a 6pack into the wall and bounce/froghop around with 10000km/h

    I don't like the new RL in UT4 but it gives us some more opportunities to create something more 'defrag-ish' since it focuses on single rocket (spams). I am still not too sure what to think about it given the fact that this IS UT and not quake.

    Anyways I started creating this map for my buddies to see what moves you can actually perform using the new RL. Over the last week I expanded it a lot and decided that sharing it might actually come in handy. I tried to create a map that challenges your brain and movement while maintaining a good flow.
    This map sadly also kinda reveals that current horizontal boost techniques are basically non existent when you compare them to vertical boost options.
    You simply don't gain enough speed and decelerate too quickly.
    You cannot reach a super high velocity when you keep firing at a wall while in the air... horizontal boosts don't carry you far enough + the firing rate is too slow.
    (as the firing rate will have a huge impact on core gameplay this obviously cannot change only for something like this).

    As you can see in the video (which shows a small tutorial) below the map basically gets harder with every boost but also teaches you everything you need to know about boosting while progressing forward.

    There's a super high chance that this map will need changes as soon as certain movement/RL updates are being progressed. I guess I will keep on working on this project to see what each update will bring.
    As I am not a programmer I do not know how to add a better timer to the map like in BT for example.
    I 'stole' the current one from a tutorial map but sadly it doesn't reset itself when you suicide/restep on the start line

    This map is (merely) an illustration what you can actually do with a little bit of imagination.. but given the fact that Bunny Track was one of the most popular and successful gametypes over the years and that many Quake players are still raging about QL's bad defrag /mod support I'd love to see something at least similar to this map in the new UT.
    As Epic has already introduced several tutorial maps now and since they intentionally altered the RL in a way that makes it more...boosty.. a rocketboost tutorial map would actually be helpful too.

    I didn't put too much effort in the lighting since I didn't feel it was that important.

    Bug and error reports are always welcome!

    download here:

    For some reason the 'weapon gates' don't work as intended when starting a server instead of playing offline.
    They don't 'delete' the RL you were holding and give you an additional one that doesn't inflict damage = no boosts.

    Help would be appreciated
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    Your triggers need to be set up as multi cast triggers I posted a video on the learning to map section under "read this before you start to map" post
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      Thanks for the hint, I will definitely look into this.


        seen some nice moves in there.. cool!

        I'm mainly focussing on BT mapping here..
        Timeh is the one you need for Speedgates and other BT/speed related stuff.
        Find the lot on irc.
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        How did you manage the 1000 Hp btw?
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