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    Hey guys!

    This is actually my first attempt at creating a level (in any game, for that matter). Was an avid player of UT/UT2004, so I definitely know what kind of level I truly enjoy playing. Despite the numerous flaws of this one (learn as you go, I guess), it does seem to play the way I intended anyway.

    I would love some input, especially concerning lighting. I started with placing point lights, but that ends up looking strange due to the reflective materials I've used. I did end up trying spotlights/static mesh lights in the center section which I think works a bit better. If that ends up being the most reasonable choice, I can do the same in the bases.

    (I also used some ambient lighting via post processing)

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    Hi, nice effort for a first map! Its good that you've gone small (and not made my mistake) so you can focus on less, getting the basics up to scratch.

    Feedback lighting-wise - its too dark. Try adding more point lights, and if its too shiny on the floor you can reduce the reflectivity of the materials. Opening up some windows or sky lights and putting in a directional light could help too.

    I felt the geometry around the base entrance was tight and kinda hard to navigate with those two bunkers there. You could easily allow more space there and push those bunkers to the sides of the room. Some stairs onto the lift area might help too rather than having to jump.

    Reminded me a bit of a ut99 map CTF-Scandinavium.

    Having all the weapons in the flag room was could put one or two out in the midground perhaps.
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      hey there, thanks for the feedback! Agreed that it's too dark, and I can also see how the entrance to the bases may be too narrow (could just be frustrating). I also think I may change the green/file cabinet looking material I use for many of the walls. Looked cool at the time, not sure if I should keep that.