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    CTF-CMF (Working Title)

    Name: CTF-CMF

    Latest Version: A1e

    Author: Sly.

    Ideal Playercount: 2-8

    • Two-way highspeed tubes (essentially jumppads in no-gravity volumes - directly dodging into the tube will just make you float through it in regular speed! You can use this to dodge straight to the center/shieldbelt) and some other jumppad madness (can be used to irritate your enemy by quickly changing your direction).
    • Has (very basic) bot support, they may occasionally use the tubes too, but a lack of priority in path creation won't allow for better AI right now. //EDIT: Bots went suicidal on my end for some reason. Please post if you encounter the same issue or not.
    • Symmetrical map (so I guess there shouldn't be any balancing issues for the teams).
    (Could work well in instagib.)

    • Shieldbelt (central bridge)
    • Rocket Launcher with 2 ammo packs (in front of flag - both bases)
    • Sniper Rifle with 2 ammo packs (bridge - both bases)
    • Shock Rifle with 2 ammo packs (on flag platform - both bases)
    • 2 Medium Health Packs (below bridge at big pillars - both bases)

    Map Description/Background:


    This Image Was Automatically Resized by using the Screenshot Tag.  Click to view the full version This Image Was Automatically Resized by using the Screenshot Tag.  Click to view the full version

    This Image Was Automatically Resized by using the Screenshot Tag.  Click to view the full version This Image Was Automatically Resized by using the Screenshot Tag.  Click to view the full version


    MediaFire link (version A1e)


    Author's Comment:
    CTF-CMF is based off a map I made in 2012 as a christmas gift backup plan for the UT2004 community over at the old Epic forums (my original idea failed). It is a very fast paced map for a small range of players, although it can be fun with a higher playercount as well (obviously this will make matches more chaotic).
    While the original CTF-CMF's title had a sense, it won't suit this map, so I'm thinking about a new title or a new meaning for it. I'm sure I'll get an idea once the theme/meshing is more fleshed out.

    Talking about the meshing: The skybox is only partially meshed to convey the idea where I'm planning to be heading with the theme, the playable field shall have pretty clean visuals and allow for a quick overview as now, but before I continue the meshing, I wanted to get some input on how well it plays.
    Some static elements of the skybox may also be moving/rotating later on during development.

    I'm aware that the bots are not exactly intelligent right now and mainly prefer the central route. During testing I found no way to get them use each of the routes equally though and if I managed to part it into an equal usage of tubes and central bridge, they didn't take the flag back.

    Furthermore, if you dodge into the tubes while standing directly at the entrance (thus passing the arrows you can see there), you will drift on in regular dodge speed. This can be used to access the shield belt at the central element of the bridge. The four pillars contain jumppads as well. They will launch you towards the front of the entrance of the nearest highspeed tube, that way, you can quickly switch lanes, although this is a risky move as you might fall or get pushed down by a Shock Rifle shot in midair.
    And as a small note: When using the tubes, you're faster than a shock ball (hint hint).

    Special Thanks go to:
    Raxxy, Henrik Ryosa, Wail, NATO and Jayoplus, who had the patience to deal with my constant nagging/questions.


    Feedback greatly appreciated!
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    S l y .

    Looks awesome. Great that you got meshwork that early, too.
    The new UT is coming along nicely...
    Maybe a new Unreal would be a good idea for Epic's next project? It's certainly somewhat overdue...


      Awesome! Love these kind of maps!


        Looks really fun Sly, nice job. Will download soon and have a run about.

        EDIT: Had a play with some bots - I'd love to know more about your goals with this level as it would give some perspective on my thoughts. Eg - are you going for a Joust style gameplay or something else?

        I played with 7 other bots which might explain the chaos, but here's my feedback:


        Love the small, close quarters nature of the map where every inch of space counts.
        Low grav tubes are a nice idea and could work well with tweaks.
        Theme is cool.

        Areas for improvement:
        • Bases could use more cover. The only cover I could find was two small walls on the sniper platform. I kept getting killed by spam and random weapon fire even in my own base, this is probably partially due to playing with bots though.
        • Hard to discern players and level geometry from the space background. Visual clarity needs taking care of as there is so little space platform and so many places to fall off.
        • On the topic of falling off - perhaps a bit more space on the platforms, while keeping your tight scale. Eg - sniper platforms have two holes in them which lead to death, there's a spawn on the sniper platform where if you just press W you fall into the abyss and die.
        • Low grav tubes - the fact that walking into them boosts you very fast is unclear (and OP), and you can also clip through what looks like a solid tube? My advice here would be to have the tubes transport you at minimum speed in one direction, which you can increase by dodging into them. The tubes also get you to and from the enemy base in seconds. As well as not having the super speed boost from just walking into them, you could break the tubes into two segments which arrive at the central platform. This would create a choke point and perhaps force the flag carrier to cross the platform from left to right to continue using the tubes. As for clipping through them, either have it so the tubes are transparent and you can fall though/be shot out of them - or make them solid like glass and you can only exit at the end.

        Great job overall, look forward to updates!
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