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CTF-Valhalla (Symmetrical)

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    [PROTOTYPE] CTF-Valhalla (Symmetrical)


    This is a symmetrical "Face" -like CTF map me and Lavil are building based on the concept art by our friend izeColt. Lavil got the first version of the map finished just a while ago, so we decided to start a topic to keep up with with the updates and get some feedback. As you can see it is in very early stages but is progressing quickly.

    Here is one of the schematics / concept art by izeColt:

    This is the current status of the map, completely built by Lavil:
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    Soundcloud / Soundtracks Thread

    Looks like a lot of fun!
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      It looks like a map inspired by CTF-Face or CTF-2Pyramids][.
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        Progress and different kind of forms:
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        Soundcloud / Soundtracks Thread


          Looking good, Pyramid shapes are nice!


            Your map progress looks pretty good so far. CTF-Face is really popular with new players, partly due to being able to camp on the towers and snipe all day. However, that's also why a lot of people hate CTF-Face and avoid playing it. I recommend preventing players from being able to camp on the towers. Maybe put a glass wall in the middle of the map or some other structure. It's obviously completely up to you, as doing that would drastically change the map. Keep up the good work!
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              looking good!


                Any progress? Or dead project?