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[Discontinued] DM-Deep (Duel / DM Map)

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    Great update Neil, the map has a lot better flow now and much more interesting areas (like the helmet area). Looks really good too, especially the thigh pads area.

    Originally posted by Numb.51 View Post
    god **** neil showing off again. I love it dude!

    oh and [ATTACH=CONFIG]24278[/ATTACH]

    Originally posted by toninus View Post
    Yeah, it's looking good !
    I just hope you'll had some elements or materials to create some contrast with all that brown... Like colorful old mayan paintings, green vines with flowers... Some water or wet walls would be nice too.
    Definitely! Some stuff like this:


      Ran around the latest version of this map and gotta say it's a lot of fun! Lots of slopes and platforms to make good use of the movement system. Haven't thought too much about the weapon and armor balance/layout, but I'm sure you've got that covered. And holyomgwtf0r, with visuals like Gooba's concept art this map is gonna be absolutely stunning!


        I wont comment on visuals because theres no point at this stage. The only thing i would definitly change for the next version would be the lifts, they are very camouflage atm., make it somewhat more obvious, a simple material change could do the job for now, no need to already add a lift mesh.

        As of Gameplay I cant comment too much either, flow is really nice - you basically jump from trickjump to trickjump to trickjump. Its propably the best map in terms of movement we currently have in UT, and that by a very very good margin.
        I have one thing that I would change, and it would also add another movement option to the map.

        I would extend this slope by a little bit, this would allow to shard slope dodge up to the small platform. Its already possible atm but It would be easier and "flowier" with the extension. I generally love the idea of shardjumping, sad fact is that its super inconsistent and absolutely unreliable which makes it somewhat useless. The shard slope dodge is a somewhat consistent thing so would be cool to make use of it!
        Its actually funny how well the slopes blend with the enviroment in this level, it makes the level feel much more organic and natural while still serving a really important purpose to the gameplay

        I really cant comment more, great map, lots of potential. Other than the lift thing theres not much i would change at the current state.
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          Did some matches and I must say, it play very well

          Layout is awesome and movement too

          I really like what as been done in term of custom meshes and trimming, very well executed.

          Keep up the excellent work!
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            Originally posted by «MechikTåj» View Post
            And holyomgwtf0r, with visuals like Gooba's concept art this map is gonna be absolutely stunning!
            No pressure - just one wave of the Captain's magic wand will convert Gooba's beautiful painting into all of the equivalent 3D asset counterparts .
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              I spent yesterday and today coming up with a modular wall set. I can pretty much add infinite combinations with this setup. Bare in mind - this is prototype. Textures are not finished, and poly count is unoptimized. Lighting results will be poor in game.

              Render from Maya:

              In game:

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                I am super excited about this modular wall and about the map's quality! It is going to be a beautiful map! I learned one or two things from this thread and especially I like the workflow you are working with. This to-do list, icons, concept art as a base and system of naming versions of the project. The screenshots are great (I have no clue how you made the debris models however I expect it had to do something with sculpting in software such us Mudbox). I wish you achieve the concept art's quality and even better. I will try to post my feedback about gameplay soon.
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                  Just wanted to thank everyone for the feedback so far. Whether it's positive, bad, or constructive. My goal with this map is to further expand on the movement options and I think I've nailed it for the most part. Visibility is going to be a challenge and it seems opening up the map was a good decision as it adds a lot of illumination even in areas with shadow. Definitely learning things here.

                  Also I want to try and make map releases a weekly thing so that I can get quick feedback on visual changes going forward.

                  -Neil (CaptainMigraine)
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                    Like you mentioned, I think the map still suffers a little from layout visibility issues, similar to Lea. The way you have setup sight lines and blockers doesn't let players see into other areas very well, which means landmarks have a smaller impact because you can't really see them from many places. And everything is brown right now, so it becomes difficult to piece the map together to make a mental layout. It take a split second more to think about where you are, instead of instinctively knowing.

                    Some solutions might be to bring some form of contrast into the level, either by materials, or geometry or just more unique landmarks. So at least you could have "I'm in brown area, moving to green area", which works on a more subconscious level.

                    I imagine you are already planning to add vines, dirt, etc... which should help. Especially if you concentrate them in certain areas so they become a feature instead of blanketing the entire map.

                    Great work so far, hope the map can succeed!
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                      Great ideas Gooba! You're right, I could see myself getting carried away and blanketing the map in vegetation

                      That could have a detriment on the theme by making the map look the same everywhere you go.

                      I could have the foresty part of the map causing overgrowth in more areas, and then the lake part with less vegetation. That will make it easier for players to discern where they're at quickly immediately after respawning.

                      I'm actively thinking of ways to make parts of the map unique.

                      To mention raste and hydraulics, he has extremely unique areas in his map and it's going to make his map really awesome. I could use a few pointers from him.

                      Also regarding the brown.. Hopefully once I get the textures more complete, it will look more like tan/khaki where sunlight is hitting. Also, thousands of years of Rainfall will cause the upper parts to be darker.

                      If you have any unique ideas concerning interior of the map, feel free to let me know!
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                        To elaborate - part of the map will be connected to the forest / land. It's hard to tell judging from the screen shot but the ruins are not directly in the middle of a lake. Not assuming you didn't already know that, just mentioning it anyway. I could have like tree limbs ping through walls, all sorts of weird stuff.
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                          Originally posted by CaptainMigraine View Post
                          I'm actively thinking of ways to make parts of the map unique.

                          To mention raste and hydraulics, he has extremely unique areas in his map and it's going to make his map really awesome. I could use a few pointers from him.
                          I guess it all comes down to being able to quickly say to your team members where you are, even if it's the first time you play the map. About some pointers, here is what I do for each room in Hydraulics:
                          • Guarantee that each room has custom lighting
                          • Have at least one distinct and original mesh per location
                          • Make all the weapon pickup locations completely unique
                          • All the rest can be seamlessly boring

                          So ask yourself in every important location: "where am I?" and try to describe it in 4-5 words top. If you can, your location is unique enough, if not then you need to give it more character.

                          If you have locations you believe are not unique enough, just ping me and we'll discuss ways to improve it. I'll share some of my madness with ya
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                            In a concerted effort to both give your map some distinctive landmarks, and fulfill my wish that the entire game be invested with cyberpunk stuff that it so desperately needs (in my own mind), I recommend adding a little...

                            You could have broken walls revealing old, rusted, dimly lit control panels behind the bricks that let off an eerie humming and beeping sound:

                            ^^ Also have broken walls revealing an unreachable alien tomb or something

                            Or, depictions of these unearthly beings drawn on the walls

                            Or, a supernatural / seemingly divine beam of light emanating from the shield belt when it spawns:

                            ooorrrrrrrr none of these things. But hey, a guy can dream...
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                              Hey, I suggest removing the window behind the link gun. I tried wall jumping inside there about two times (first playthrough) before realizing that it was blocked off. Perhaps only remove the wall behind the window, making it clear to the player that there is nothing there.
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                                It's up on the UC Hub. Map is looking great man!

                                If you can, in the future put your map up on rushbase since it saves a step for admins (i.e. I had to download it from dropbox and upload it to rushbase for the redirect).

                                Here's the server settings for admins:


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