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    [PROTOTYPE] DM-Protracted

    Tried my hand at a more competitive duel layout, tried to include some nice slide possibilities, enjoy!


    Server admin info:
    Checksum: 4995f7714d43744794db3f091b1c6af5
    Package name: DM-Protracted-WIP16-WindowsNoEditor.pak
    Path: /Game/Maps/DM-Protracted/DM-Protracted-WIP16

    This Image Was Automatically Resized by using the Screenshot Tag.  Click to view the full versionThis Image Was Automatically Resized by using the Screenshot Tag.  Click to view the full versionThis Image Was Automatically Resized by using the Screenshot Tag.  Click to view the full versionThis Image Was Automatically Resized by using the Screenshot Tag.  Click to view the full versionThis Image Was Automatically Resized by using the Screenshot Tag.  Click to view the full versionThis Image Was Automatically Resized by using the Screenshot Tag.  Click to view the full versionThis Image Was Automatically Resized by using the Screenshot Tag.  Click to view the full version
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    Ran around this a bit, seems to follow similar armor timings with DM-asdf, which works really well methinks. I always felt like I had multiple options with where I wanted to go and how I wanted to move, without that claustrophobic feeling I get in other other duel maps.

    I would like to see some sort of obvious landmarking around the map, or at least make the current one less subtle. The areas are all roughly the same size with the same textures, same lighting, etc... I know it's just a shell at this point, but the landmarks help the player layout the map in their brain better.

    Looking good though! Cheers!

    Also, this ramp seems like you should be able to walk up it, probably because of the floor texture on it. Could swap it for a wall texture and it would be fine.

    This Image Was Automatically Resized by using the Screenshot Tag.  Click to view the full version
    Dm-Sand | Idea to Concept Thread


      This looks like DM-ASDF and DM-Solo had a baby.


        Ran on the map! I like!
        I think weapons near the wall, it is not convenient to take, it seems, little closely. ShieldChest and ShieldBelt too close to each other! Good map!

        You can remove the texture?
        Мои старые карты WIP!


          Whoa, hands down... Pure sexiness
          I've given it a quick run-through without bots. Definitely too quick to judge it, but it's another time when I get impressed by your sense of space and geometry skills. It looks like it was no effort to you and I felt a bit jealous just because of that alone Liked the layout, liked the fact it seems more compact than ASDF. It may look too similar from the screenshots, but certainly it's built with its own rules.

          I may have some objections regarding the item placement though. I am not sure about ASDFish Shock placement, but it's just me - I don't like it being at the center. RL room looked like a better place, but it would ruin shock-sniper relation on the map. The shieldbelt seemed to me like it was dropped accidentally while carried to its true destination. That Bio-rifle room seemed to me a much better location for belt - wether swapped with Bio itself or put on a shelf up above in place of ammo, both seemed better at the first glance.

          Still, I need to spend more time with it. Hopefully I'll do more testing over the weekend.
          Instantly one of my favs.
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            I really like the flow of the map, like some have said, it gives a asdf feeling.

            I like where you can grab the 50 armor and still cover the 100 armor.
            There could be an other obstacle for the shieldbelt though Maybe a box so you have to jump on it, just something extra instead of just walking over


              Alright! I ran around a bit for a while.

              First impressions:

              For such a hitscan-heavy map (all open with LOS everywhere), Sniper and Shock are too "in the path", too close together and too close to the Belt (plus Vest and some Vials in the case of the Shock Rifle), and have too much ammo around, even yet just by the weapon bases. Only the Mini out of the long range weapons is on a place you have to go out of the way, waste some time and risk yourself being put in a close range trap against stronger weapons. Meanwhile, the close range, corridor weapons (Rocket, Flak, even Link) are all out of the away, in places that take long to get in and out. Seems too easy to simply rotate Shock+Sniper+Belt+Vest and some Vials and keep the map on hitscan lock-down.

              Given that, in this map, the hitscan weapons are much more important than the projectiles, it'd probably be better to to swap the weapon bases for Rox+Flak and Shock+Sniper, and take/spread away the ammo for those weapons so it also costs more to keep an ammo stack, and to allow the player without those weapons to deny their ammo.

              Hope it helps!
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                Thanks for the feedback guys. I'm going to let it sit for a while placement wise; I'll try to have a look at diversifying textures for clarity and get this up on the modhub servers soon.


                  Wip 2 Pak

                  Made some texture and lighting changes. I'll stick it up on the servers tomorrow


                    How have I not seen this until now? o:

                    After running around for a bit I think that the map suffers a little from "asdf syndrome" having the belt, shock, vest in a line through the centre of the map. Imo stinger and shock could be swapped to solve this pretty quickly. Definitely a cool layout.
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                      I've played this in small DMs several times. Pretty cool. This is also on Seniors Nirvana .sr hub.


                        Some feedback:

                        I agree with what Flikswich says, even tho he dismisses my love from time to time. I feel that shock+sniper are too close together, armor+shield are too close together and also feel that there's a lot of room for improvement on the flow.
                        Made some videos for you to show you some ideas, although I'd like to point out that i don't want to interfere with your design choices, just consider them ideas:

                        1. Try to avoid edges like that, that potentially obstruct your movement flow backwards and forwards (ie you could try and turn those hard angles into slanted ones)


                        2. A minor thing really, but those stairs dont look like they should be slideable. It looks/feels a bit weird, because the steps are so huge. It's not really annoying tho, and would be probably dealt with in the meshing phase anyway.


                        3. Maybe try and edit this wall so it's slightly easier to get from one platform to the other one. As it is right now, it feels rather random and frustrating. Not talking about making everything super easy, but it's simply too risky to attempt that trick jump, as it is. which is a shame, because its a cool jump!


                        4. Another minor thing really. What I like to do with lifts is to use their velocity to do an early wall jump of it to get some horizontal velocity instead of vertical velocity. It gets you to point B faster and makes your movement less predictive, but you risk failing the jump. Maybe increase the lift's height a bit so that this is easier to achieve. Or just scrap this idea altogether because you don't like it.


                        5. Kind of self-explanatory what I want to show here. You could either completely remove the big beam on top or make it slanted so that it leads to the flak cannon. Would greatly improve flow.


                        edit: btw i really forgot to mention that I like playing this map a lot.
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                          Thanks for the feedback! I noticed people had been playing this a bit more, then someone told me it was on the 1 Day duel cup roster. I'm going to take another look at this soonish, probably after the contest, see if it generates some more feedback.


                            Have you a new Version with in UE 4.9 from the Map?


                              Was good to see Hypno and Dylan play this today, gave me a better idea of where it falls down. Going to try and take a look at this sometime soon, not entirely sure what I want to do with it yet. Feedback is very welcome!