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    Originally posted by CaptainMigraine View Post
    The reason I'm experimenting with this is because at the beginning of UT4, the scale seemed about right. Now the scale seems a bit off due to changes to movement.
    Quite honestly, this is a game changer (literally and figuratively ). Being able to scale maps easily so you don't have to be afraid to spend a bunch of time mapping that might be lost to new movement changes, is just huge! Obviously there are other factors related to movement other than scale but being able to easily scale is amazing.

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    There are several things I've adjusted with the MapScaler Blueprint. One major change would be the fixed scaling issues for pickup bases. I also added some additional options like non-uniform scale (overriding Z). Probably going to release/upload i tomorrow.

    If anyone has ideas what classes should not be scaled, or others should be adjusted, let me know. I will also add an option to scale the JumpPad distance accordingly for instance (not sure about elevator speed though).

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    Hehe. Nice. Let me know how it worked out. I'm currently fixing the issue with pickup bases. I'm also pretty sure I have to exclude some additonal Actor types from scaling (such as Playerstart). Don't know if lightning works the same way if the "Draw Scale" is adjusted and not the light radius. Also not sure if Blueprint classes work when they have construction script which is relying on the scale/position.

    I mostly tested the script with the example map and checked if everything is scaled up/down. Additionally I tried some other maps such as Output and BigRock. Values such as gravity are disregarded from scaling for instance.

    @Maul. I know. just kiddin.

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    Originally posted by M^uL View Post
    Oh man Rattle, you're a frickin' genius! This is awesome!
    I just tried it, it worked beautifully. I'm in the process of rebuilding the lighting.

    If anyone's curious, I'm experimenting with scaling Lea up. I chose a value of 1.04 (4%). The map feels really good now. The reason I'm experimenting with this is because at the beginning of UT4, the scale seemed about right. Now the scale seems a bit off due to changes to movement.

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    Oh man Rattle, you're a frickin' genius! This is awesome!

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    This is incredible. I haven't tried it yet, but SO many people are going to find this useful.

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  • started a topic Map Scaler [Blueprint][Editor]

    Map Scaler [Blueprint][Editor]

    Map Scaler
    This is a simple script to be used in the editor which allows to scale the current level.

    Version: 1.4
    Compatibility: built on Build 2926870 (3/31/2016)
    Type: Blueprint
    by RattleSN4K3

    Key features:
    • Scale down/up an entire map
    • Scale only selected objects
    • Align irregular Actors to floor or keep them floating
    • Non-uniform scaling
    • Undo scaling on the fly
    • Store/restore selection
    • Work on any scaled level, changes will be updated to previous scales

    Preview: (Gifv; Mirror)

    Preview Undo

    Preview Dynamic undo update

    Preview Store/Restore selection

    Preview Scale selection + Override pivot

    • Extract the archive
    • Move/copy "MapScaler.uasset" into the content folder of Unreal Tournament
      ('UnrealTournamentEditor' is the root of the editor installation and may differ)
      with native support
    • Install the plugin
    • Verify if you have these files:

    • Open your map
    • Place the "MapScaler" actor into your map
    • Select the actor and set up "Scale factor" to your desired scale
    • Click on "Scale" once in order to start the process
    • After the scaling process is done, which should be immediately, you can delete the actor

      Note 1: Most of the action checkboxes (like "Scale Level", "Undo", etc.) won't be shown as ticked ever.
      Note 2: Keep in mind, that some lighting properties are also scaled. Always check the scaling properties

    Native support:
    In order to fully scale every scale-able and noticeable properties of some actors, the MapScaler
    has to use a native plugin. The engine does not support changing some properties from the Blueprint
    context, thus the native plugin features some methods to changes these from the MapScaler actor.

    Only some light properties of static/stationary lights (including SkyLights, DirectionalLights, etc.)
    will require the need of the native support. Depending on the configuration, the MapScaler will state
    whether a plugin is required or not in the "Native support" field/property in the details panel.

    In order to activate the native support, you only have to install the native plugin. Once installed,
    the MapScaler will print out the running version.

    The native plugin is not interchangeable throughout engine versions / editor builds. Everytime the
    editor is updated, the MapScaler plugin has to be updated.

    The MapScaler has several different options to configure the scaling, what type of objects are scaled,
    what properties should be scaled or simply check some data stats. You can find these options in the
    details tab while having the MapScaler selected.

    Each time any property is changed, the MapScaler will check the map, process some data and stores it into
    the local storage. This is used for various features after having scaled a map or undo the scaling. Due to
    this mechanism, changing various properties may take time depending on the size / actor count of the map.

    Check the MapScaler_Readme.txt for more information.

    Download: (Homepage | Source)

    • Added: Optional native backend
    • Added: Matinee sequences scaling (movement track)
    • Added: Light properties scaling (e.g. Directional, Point, Sky)
    • Added: Fog properties scaling (Exponential, Atmospheric)
    • Added: Undo data updates for new actors
    • Added: Option to scale selected objects only
    • Added: Option to choose custom pivot (for scaling)
    • Added: Option to store and restore selection actors
    • Added: Map info in data section
    • Added: Ignoring additional actors when scaling (Pickup token, Camera actors)
    • Added: Info about resulting scale if multiple scaling processes were done
    • Added: Properly revert scaling for mixed undo data (all/selected)
    • Added: Option to use pivot's bounding instead of center
    • Removed: Component scaling not used anymore
    • Changed: Transform selection restored (for proper grid)
    • Changed: Proper data size calculation
    • Changed: Proper tooltips for various properties
    • Changed: Minor changes to clean up code
    • Fixed: Crash for scaling with a factor of 0.0
    • Optimized: Aligning of pickup classes (and tokens)
    • Optimized: Dropping actors' initialization
    • Optimized: Iteration of undo data
    • Optimized: Snapshot data check

    Native support:
    • Added: Notifications
    • Added: Extended light properties scaling
    • Added: Version info

    • Added: Mirror mode

    • Added: Undo system
    • Added: Option to turn off debug messages in output log
    • Changed: Renamed "Update" to "Scale"

    • Added: Field for ignoring specific actor/object classes for scaling
    • Added: Re-align pickup bases on floor
    • Added: Re-align player starts on floor
    • Added: Option for re-aligning pickup bases
    • Added: Option for non-uniform scale
    • Added: Option for scaling Jump pad properties
    • Changed: Removed debug code
    • Fixed: Minor issues (such as typos, code cleanup, etc.)

    • Added: Scale BSP
    • Changed: Hide irrelevant categories

    v1.0 - Initial release
    • Scale actors (such as StaticMeshActor, SkeletalMeshActor, etc.)

    Older versions:

    Known issues
    • Fixed v1.2: Pickups are not properly aligned to the floor after scaling (due to base being offset from the actor origin)
    • Fixed v1.4 (native): PointLights (and other component specific actors) are not scaled.

    Last edited by RattleSN4K3; 04-08-2016, 05:57 PM. Reason: Issues added. Desc updated. New version 1.4