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[BP Mutator] Monster Kill Announcer

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    [BP Mutator] Monster Kill Announcer

    Monster Kill Announcer

    This will announce when a player has earned a MultiKill status(Double/Multi/Ultra/Monster). If a player earns multiple Monster kills in row, it will display how many monsters he has earned in a row.

    ***For this mutator to work: This will need to be installed on both the client and server side.***


    Client Side:
    Install to ..\My Documents\UnrealTournament\Saved\Paks\MyContent

    Server side:
    Install to ..\UnrealTournament\Content\Paks
    Add the mutator to your server with ?Mutator=mutator_monsterannouncer
    Configure the settings by adding the following to the Game.ini, make sure you change the X.XX to the values you want.

    ***For this variable, the number you place will be where the announcements start from:
    0 = Single Kill (Playername has a kill!)
    1 = Double Kill (Playername has a DoubleKill!)
    2 = Multi Kill (Playername has a Multi Kill!)
    3 = Ultra Kill (Playername has a Ultra Kill!)
    4 = Monster Kill (Playername has a MonsterKill!)

    Special Thanks:

    Urgamanix - Thank you for helping me get the footing on how to use blueprint localized.
    RattleSN4k3 - Thank you for making me realize that my mutator worked on the server, but only when I had the mutator on client side.

    Jontyc - Thank you for helping me test this out!
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    Very cool!