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TSK'S Helmet thread round 2: Sci-Fi Headgear

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    TSK'S Helmet thread round 2: Sci-Fi Headgear

    I'm taking a break from my medieval helmets to work on something a little more lore friendly:

    Mike :aka: thatscrawnykid
    Artist for Chaos: UT

    I really like the overall look and idea. At the moment though, the polygonal effect of the form feels almost a bit more accidental than intentional -- almost as if it's actually just a very low poly model. Also, I bet if you put in some thoughtfully smooth edges and/or areas in certain places, it'll help accentuate the sharper edges in a more impactful way ... kind of like how big bold white letters feel way more "punchy" on a black background than a light grey background. You give it contrast, and it accentuates the idea. You might already know all this.

    Oh and the back of the helmet feels a bit flat for my tastes.

    Overall though - again, I like it.
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