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  • [PROTOTYPE] Tengu demon mask

    Hello everybody

    Here's a really rough implementation of an idea I had.

    Initially I just wanted to make a silly mask, possibly with a more serious leader version, but since the latter actually turned out better than I expected, I think I may scrap the silly one and make it a legit "leader hat". Not that it fits the lore perfectly, but I think at least it's some attempt of compromise between taking the lore seriously, and having fun.

    Any thoughts?

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    It has my vote! I don't recall ever having seen japanese masks in UT before. Keep up the Good Works rosenand!


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      The first pic looks very, very cool; not at all silly and certainly a good leader mask. The second pic, while faithful to the source, looks a bit goofy. BUT! Great work! They are both well done for sure.
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