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Necris RPTR helmet.

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    [PROTOTYPE] Necris RPTR helmet.

    Hello everyone! Iam really glad I have opprtynity to make iteams for Unreal Tournament, Ive played UT99/2004/UT3,4 and was really happy, thanks for that!
    Now I can make cosmetics, but I have porblems with importing mesh in-game for test and I need some help with step-by-step explonation, becouse Iam stucked at some point. Iam new to engine at all.
    So, what Iam doing:
    1) Created new empty level.
    2) Imported my fbx. helm mesh to new folder.
    3) Imported Necris_male_ut4_SKELMESH, drop down to scene, double click on skeletal mesh then choose Skeleton and found Hat Socket, then picked add preview asset there.
    Ive make sure that scale and place ment is more or less okay.
    4) Next step Iam Add Component as Static Mesh (Necris_Helm_1) to Necris_male_ut4_SKELMESH (instance)
    5) Then, Ive click on create empty blueprint and pick Actor - UTCosmetic - UTHat. After I drag and drop my mesh to that blueprint and click to Compile (to colect some garbage I guess). PS: Idk why I cant pick UThelm class when trying to convert mesh in blueprint manyally. It doesnt offer to you and I have no clue how to pick class other way, becouse system will say that the mesh is instance, dont know how to resolve this.. anyway I done this other way, from empty blueprint)
    6) Finally Ive clicked Share - Share cosmetic item - NewBlueprint ( I havent change name for test blueprint so its default)

    I was waiting 30 minutes, system says it has downloaded pack successfully and Ive pick to share. (thought better more than nothing ))
    Entered game looked all models and havent seen my mesh. Please help resorve this issue. I will really appreciate if someone will notice some mistake in my impor-way or make a new step-by-step guide in current version.

    Second question will be, can I import cloth mesh as addition to helmet, If helm is 2800 vert and cloth 1500* approx. Idea was to make people choose if they want cloth or not in-game. Should it be as 1 mesh (helm+cloth = 300 verts) or there is some options to implement this as separate mesh/varioation.
    Also Ive attached some prototype textures from substance. It will be really good if cloth vertical pices will be animated, will float free, not static.

    Any suggestions in textures and overal shape will be appreciated. Its not final.
    Helm is a mix from everything i like, I wasnt using any references, overall design was sculpted in several iterations in Zbrush.

    Been awhile since I messed with cosmetics. I know there is a Test Level for it. Its Called "CosmeticItemTutorialMap" OPen it, Then Click on Blueprints and Open Level Blue Prints to Put your Hat In. Did you name your cosmetics in the Blue print in the default properties. Other wise it won't show up in the List. Also don't forget to add a leader hat. You can use a Duplicate BP to be the Leader Hat also. Just need to Reparent it to UTLeaderHat. Not sure about advice on the clothe ... Here's a Fun Tip...You can use a Skeletal mesh as your mesh!
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