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    [PROTOTYPE] RoseBumRPG Mod[C++]

    With the recent stream QA talking briefly about RPG Invasion I started feeling a bit of guilt that I haven't revealed this yet. I've been working on a stylized RPG since pretty much the announcement of UT. The mod is getting pretty close to a first playable build. It still needs a completed menu and magic weapon system then I would say version 1 is done.

    I've code-named it RoseBumRPG for now as it is based largely off of RoseBum VCTF's custom RPG from UT2004. This isn't meant to be the official RPG by any means as it is not as modular as Mysterial's UT2004RPG. This reveal is mostly meant to alleviate some of the heavy lifting for anyone looking to make an RPG Invasion mod. This RPG is much more stylized for PvP and specifically CTF though it is technically supported for all gametypes currently.

    A general overview includes:
    - Custom movement
    - Custom armor system
    - Custom HUDs
    - Custom team beacons
    - Adrenaline
    - Attribute points
    - Ability points
    - Artifacts
    - Auto builds for newbs
    - A leaderboard system to track your standing on the server
    - Auto idle character cleanup

    - Dodge Jumping and Double Jumping
    - 2k4 style jump values
    - Unlimited wall dodging
    - Dodge buffering
    - No sprinting

    - Shield belt replaced with 2k4 super shield
    - All others repaced by 2k4 small shield
    - Jump boots replaced by small shield for now as they can't be reconciled with double jumping

    - No pickups
    - Everyone spawns with half full adrenaline
    - Killing awards 10 adrenaline

    - Recklessness - Increases weapon speed
    - Vitality - Increases max health
    - Endurance - Increases max armor
    - Energy - Increases max adrenaline

    - Adrenaline Drip - gain adren over time
    - Adrenaline Rage - gain adren from taking damage
    - Adrenaline Surge - gain more adren per kill
    - Air Master - higher air control
    - Awareness - see enemy health bars
    - Boosted Shields - drain enemy armor and give to you
    - Cautiousness - reduce self damage
    - Denial - don't drop items on death
    - Hardened Shields - armor absorbs higher %
    - Iron Legs - reduce fall damage
    - Loaded Artifacts - spawn with artifacts
    - Loaded Weapons - spawn with weapons
    - Power Jump - higher jumping
    - Quickfoot - faster movement
    - Regeneration - gain health over time
    - Resupply - gain ammo over time
    - Shield Generation - gain armor over time
    - Shields Up - gain extra armor from pickups
    - Smart Healing - gain extra health from pickups
    - Speed Switcher - faster weapon switching
    - Ultima - generate an explosion when dying
    - Vampirism - gain health from damaging enemies

    - Speed - activate the speed combo
    - Heal - gain instant health
    - Boots of Flight - enter fly mode
    - Teleporter - teleport to enemy flag base
    - Globe of Invulnerability - enter god mode
    - Lightning Rod - create lightning explosion at your location, knocking enemies back
    - Triple Damage - take a guess
    - Magic Weapon Maker - generate magic property on current weapon (not implemented yet)

    - The menu is still WIP as my CPU is super old (compiling and running can take over 5 minutes each test) and slate development is not designer friendly. Basic design is as follows
    - News tab to display latest patch notes
    - Character tab to do your spending
    - Players tab to display current players in game and some interesting info about them like level, experience, creation date
    - Leaderboard tab to see all characters on the server and your standing among them

    Extra features:
    - Auto build system will pick a random pre build designed by me for all new players so people aren't overwhelemed by options. You can set your auto build to custom to spend as you wish
    - Auto idle character removal will delete old characters based on configured properties (by default you must be below level 20 and not log in for 150 days). Idle characters were a big problem for UT2004 RPG servers long term

    I've posted a few videos of me playing it over the months though have only been sharing it among RoseBum until now. The latest gameplay here is playing in VCTF-Arcade][Radioactive which I ported to UT4 for testing:

    Here are a few screenshots of the WIP menu:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	2s82ozr.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	zwe32u.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	iznajq.jpg
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ID:	357956

    Additional Notes:
    I haven't looked into cooking c++ mods too much so I've only included the raw files to be used with the GIT build. You'll need to compile it yourself and run it from the command line for now.

    Since the menu isn't done, you can't properly spend your stats in game. You can still configure your character using the characters ini, though. By default you will be forced to the Weapon Master auto-build so it isn't a huge problem.

    The extra keybinds had to be hard coded until a better system is presented. Open menu is "Home" and the artifact selection is "R".

    Download Link:
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    Awesome. Will be checking this out for sure.
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      Good luck on this project. Played VCTF RPG for 5+ years. Sure keeping an eye on this.
      DV Gaming - UT2k4 & UT3 RPG mutator


        Bro do you want to marry my sister? Cause this is awesome and you are a great human being! I love little surprise projects like this!

        I didn't know Mysterial made ut2004rpg