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[BP] AssetIDs alias weak references. How to use 'em?

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    Added some pics and corrected some of the sentences (which were stating the opposite).

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  • [BP] AssetIDs alias weak references. How to use 'em?

    I am working on my MapScaler asset which is also using hard references of Actors of that map. Whenever such Actor is referenced by another Actor in general, the engine would display a warning message when deleting the referenced Actor.

    As I don't want to have such hard referenced Actors stored in the MapScaler (and forcing a dialog whenever anything from that map is deleted), I intended to use AssetIDs. This is working well. I tried it with a property of type "Actor Asset ID" and assigned an Actor from the details tab. If I delete that Actor, it wouldn't display a message and the (resolved) AssetID property is also properly cleared ("None").

    But here's the problem:
    How to convert/create a weak reference / AssetID from a given Actor reference? The direction vice versa is working, if you have an AssetID, you can resolve that AssetID to the actual Object (Actor).

    Is this even the intended use? Or is "Asset ID" only meant for assets from the Content browser? The tooltip is like:
    Path to an instanced object of type 'Actor' which may be in an unloaded state. Can be utilized to asynchronously load the object reference.

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    (Context from Actor is also not providing a conversion node)

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