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    One more inquiry. I know this can be done in BP, as TimEh did it in the past with Domination.

    In Greed, having only a generic alarm sound can be confusing. Since the player that manages to hear it, may not know if it originates from his own conduit or the enemy one.
    I would like to know how I can play two different sounds (depending on who listens to it) from an actor.

    So, my aim with this, should be: When a conduit (it has team information in it) gets damaged, it plays the alarm sound for it's allies and an assault sound for it's enemies.
    That way you know that when you hear the alarm sound, it's your conduit which is getting attacked - and when you hear the assault sound, you know it's the enemy conduit which is getting the "treatment".
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  • started a topic Frostbyte's request thread.

    Frostbyte's request thread.


    As I've been updating my GameModes to be up-to-date with the latest 4.12-based builds, I've been collecting a few issues here and there.
    I would like to ask for any advice on how to go about fixing them; or if that's not possible, ask for a fix or two.
    1. If the HUD is turned off via the "showhud" command, the UMG overlay can still be seen.
      I have searched high and low in the editor, but I cannot seem to find a property associated with the activation/de-activation of the said command. So that in turn, I could include that to the function that determines the visibility of the overlay.
    2. Player pawns that are not possessed cannot go through teleporters.
      I'm currently using a dual-pawn setup, which in order to keep the player immobile, possesses a FrozenHelper-pawn which then gets attached to the FreezeTag-character pawn. Since FreezeTag-character pawns get unpossessed when frozen, they cannot go through teleporters in that state. Thankfully, I have made it so they can't be telefragged.
    3. I cannot prevent the Bots from firing their weapons, when I desire to do so.
      Right now, I have a no-weapon-firing policy when a new round starts and until the weapons have been unlocked. While I have managed to get that working flawlessly for human players/controllers, I haven't had any success getting it to work with bots - they always end up doing as they please. I have tried the "DisallowWeaponFiring" node after a successful cast to UTBot, but it just doesn't want to respect it.

    And as always, if there's any artist that can provide me with a better and more visually-clear ice material for the frozen players, I'd be happy to accept it any day of the year!

    Thanks a lot!