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Need Modder to create Battle Royale mode - you could save Unreal Tournament

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    Originally posted by MArS03
    Of course it's dead, it's not yet born.
    When I say "dead", I mean that the game is not being developed any further with no immediate plans for further development and with practically no one playing it in online multiplayer. At issue is whether it will receive any further development (it's been months) and be born at all.

    This pre alpha is not even an early access. A little different things. Why do we have to be ruled by the royal?
    Not ruled by it, just using it for a purpose - to get Epic to pour resources into Unreal Tournament, to populate servers, and to introduce the game to people who've never even heard of Unreal Tournament before.

    Do you know what attracted players to UT? awesome maps, music and brutality. And you know what repelled? intricate game mechanics.
    It had a lot to do with the original Unreal game being one of the premier FPS games in the late Nineties, sometimes referred to as "The Quake killer". People enjoyed the single player Unreal game. Then Unreal Tournament came out with a near-perfect blend of chemistry, ease of online multiplayer and custom content accessibility, and simplicity. It was a natural progression for people who enjoyed Unreal to try Unreal Tournament.

    Now the game does not have those maps, music and brutality, but the intricate gameplay became even more confusing.
    It's not about the maps or music; map makers can fix that, at least when there are private servers with competent admins who like custom maps. The problem is that the current UT4's game play isn't as good as UT99's and it's in a very unpolished state. The unpolished part is understandable since it's "pre-alpha", but the state of the game play is disappointing.
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      The problem is that the current UT4's game play isn't as good as UT99's and it's in a very unpolished state.
      UT4 game play is good. even better than UT99 in some case.

      the state of the game play is disappointing.
      whats wrong with that?


        I don't think the UT weapons would work for this at all.

        There's also no point in doing it as there are 2 good versions of the mod already out there with a huge number of players. Attempting to copy it here with the UT weapons wouldn't create a big player base.

        UT4 does need a new game type that is good for the casuals, but I agree with the others that vehicle battles is more appropriate, or an evolution on Speedball 2 to give a rocket league type of game. A small arena, but with limited range and a ball to score with could inspire some casual fun.
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          "Do you know what attracted players to UT? awesome maps, music and brutality." i totally agree. I mean it's alpha but i see shell maps, cardboard helmets and knight castle maps... If you make Unreal content, it should somehow fit in the Unreal Universe, well thats my opinion. You can make a fun mods of course, But overall it should be similar to Doom but we have Alien, Robot and Human type of races, so this gives a big space to work with. But right now we should be happy about every small content we get
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            Anyone ever play Deathball? That was fun...lots of strategy, lots of action.
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              Yes Carbon, I played it. And know that the creators of this mode have created a standalone for it called Supraball in case you're unaware. You can find it on steam.


                I'd much rather see a new onslaught game mode be made than bullshitting people with a poor copy of fortnite/pubg with Unreal weapons mod that will never be attactive...

                my two cents
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                  I believe that the development of the Blitz mode, as well as bringing TDM, CTF and Bombing Run into public matchmaking games will be the revival of UT.

                  The games doesn't NEED a Battle Royale or MOBA mode (Yes, someone's actually suggested this). What it needs is patience, serious & committed development by the dev. community and building up of community-organised games, tournaments, etc. That's my take on it anyway
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