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    The UT4Pugs community has been working hard on creating a more balanced and enjoyable CTF experience in UT4. Olec/Phroxen started on this mutator and we have continued to improve on it. It removes and fixes a lot of the issues many of us have had with UT4s stock CTF experience. If you would like to try it out for yourself its hosted on UTPugs Dallas and UTPugs East HUBs. This is more than a mutator but rather a whole game type that is continuously being improved on and updated based on feedback given during and after CTF pugs. If you would like to know more check out to join our discord. We generally CTF Pug in the evenings starting around 7-8PM EST and going till 2-3AM. Pugs have been picking up a lot of steam lately with near constant on going pugs and multiple pugs at the same time. The mutator is updated sometimes daily, its recommended that you delete the old mutator before installing the new one. We do not use versioning on the pak name itself which allows us to quickly upload them to our servers.

    Also for anyone else interested, we have created a stats mutator that runs on our servers that sends all game stats to our webserver This allows people who have played matches on our servers to quickly look back and there match performance and get all the stats you would see in your in game stats. Together with another member PB who is a stats major, we use this information to help balance out the CTF game play experience.


    CTF OriginalV19

    Game Play Changes
    All Pickupbases (Armor/Powerup/Health/Weapon)
    -Pick up timer is hidden
    -Ghost mesh is hidden
    -HUD Screen shake is off
    -Removed Damage numbers
    -AMP DropOnDeath: True -> False
    -In warmup, give all players shieldbelt + all weapons
    -Allow bots
    -Use no ammo in Warmup
    -Dont allow powerup pickups due to epic counting it in warmup
    -Team Collision: True -> False
    -Flag Pickup Radius: 110->92 (Flag on stand and off stand now have identical capsule sizes)

    Amor/Health Changes - Basically armorware but instead of pads + chest stacking to 150, they only stack to 100, Belt is still 150.
    -Armor Stack: 100 (Belt still 150)
    -Armor Absorption Rate 66%
    -Shield Belt can be telefragged

    All weapons - Faster switch speed that we all crave.
    BioRifle 0.37->0.3 - 0.3
    Flak 0.41->0.3 - 0.3
    LinkGun 0.37->0.3 - 0.3
    Mini 0.6->0.3 - 0.3
    Rocket 0.41->0.3 - 0.3
    Shock 0.5->0.3 - 0.3
    Sniper 0.45->0.3 - 0.4->0.3

    Translocator Changes - The translocator feels way better, throws further and you cant get shot with while transing due to the after image now.
    -health: 35 -> 45
    -DiskGravity : 1.0 -> 0.8
    -Mesh scaled : 3,3,3 -> 2,2,4 (this will match the hitbox closer)
    -Removed pointlight for both red/blue team
    -Removed trailing particle effect
    -Reduced momentum by 10%
    -Bringup time : 0.1 -> 0.2
    -Putdown time: 0.1 -> 0.2

    Shockrifle Changes - Pretty close to stock, just reduced ammo cost, decreased min damage of combos from 45 to 20 and lowered momentum taken from shots so shock taping isnt as easy.
    -MinDmg: 45.0 -> 20.0
    -AmmoToUse: 3 -> 2
    -Primary Momentum: 90000 -> 72900

    Rocket Launcher Changes - How it should be.
    -Removed Locking rockets
    -Tri Rox Damage: 100 -> 80 per rocket
    -Prim. Rox Damage: 100 -> 95
    -Bounciness: 0.6 -> 0.7
    -Rocket Outer Radius: 365->280
    -Fullload Spread: 8->5
    -Rocket Scale: 1.0,1.0,1.0 -> 0.7,0.7,0.7
    -Alt rockets dmg: 70->80
    -Initial/MaxSpeed: 2750 -> 3440
    -AltRocket MinRadius-> 250-> 280
    -AltRocket ParticleSystem Scale: 0.333333,0.333333,0.333333->0.3,0.2,0.2
    -Rocket Scale Size: .33 -> .3
    -Primary Splash Damage: 1.0 -> .9 (10% increase)

    Flak Cannon Changes - These changes do a couple of things. We have drastically increased the predictability of the spread and made it tighter. At close range it will do 111 damage but the damage quickly falls off. Its now what it should be, a close range shotgun that shouldnt be used from afar.
    -Multishot angle: 4 -> 3.0
    -Damage Attenuation Per Second: 15 -> 30
    -Damage Attenuation Delay: .5 -> .05
    -Multishot Location spread: 0,36,36->0,0,0
    -Multishot Rotation Spread: 1.5 -> .5
    -Flak Ball OuterRadius: 330->300
    -Shard spawn count: 3->0
    -Primary Fire Rate .8 -> 1
    -First Bounce Damping: .9 -> .5
    -Flak Shard Damage: 12 -> 13
    -Flak Primary ROF: .8 -> 1

    SnipeRifle - Biggest changes are headshot scaling making them more do able and common. If you try for headshots, you can get headshots.
    -Refire Putdown: 0.5 -> 0.35
    -Stopped headshotscale: 1.4->1.2
    -Slow headshot scale: 1.4->1.2
    -Aimed headshot scale: 1.0->1.2
    -Runing headshotscale: 1.0->1.2

    Impact hammer - Redesigned around it being a movement tool, piston jumping is a powerful movement tool again in the right hands.
    -Easy Impact Impulse: 1100.0 -> 1240
    -Full Impact Impulse: 1600.0 -> 1850
    -Full Impact Damage: 40->60
    -Easy Impact Damage: 25->30
    -FullCharge: 0.75 -> 0.7
    -Alt Fire interval: 1 -> 1.25
    -Impact Max Horizontal Velocity: 1500.0 -> 1800.0

    Future Plans

    -Add Team color based Shield/Armor glow.
    -Improve scoring system to better reflect skill in position played.
    -Further weapon balances and improvements.
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