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Two Factor Authentication

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    Two Factor Authentication

    Hello everyone,

    I hope this is the right spot for this topic. If not, please move it to where it's appropriate.

    Now, to the matter at hand. Before you say anything, I saw the announcement page and the last update to the client was in 2017 and that means that interest in further development of the game is pretty much non-existent at this point, but I would like to ask if there is any chance of introducing Two Factor Authentication to the Linux client? So far, I can log in if I disable this authentication method but this is annoying.


    Who says the interest in development is non-existent. Several individuals are developing the game at personal level. I am updating the game as per the latest Engine with special focus on Linux. Your request can be queued but you won't be able to really play the game until Epic officially resumes the development!
    And yes, this is not right spot.
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