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How can I compile UT4 into standalone Linux application?

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    How can I compile UT4 into standalone Linux application?

    I managed to compile UT4 with UE 4.15 on Linux (Ubuntu 18.04), and I could run the game using the editor::

    $ ./UE4Editor UnrealTournament -game

    However, AFAIU it is slow since it cooks the assets on the fly, and it is not the right way to play the game...

    I am wondering which commands or scripts to be run to build a standalone UT4 client and server application on Linux

    Waiting for your help!
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    read this i found this on google hope this is helpful to you.


      Do you really need to compile it yourself? If not, you can find links to blog posts for each version in Announcements.
      Links to linux versions are usually at bottom of each post. 0.1.12 and are suffering of an MCP issue. 0.1.11 doesn't but has other problems. But I don't really know if it is still possible to log in anyway. You get an error 1015, server seems to request thet you use 2FA that linux version never had.