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Please help me to go deeper with BP

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    Please help me to go deeper with BP

    Hello, dear community.
    I’m a newcomer on the UE, and I want to get a deeper of how things work in BP...
    There has a lot of information about UE, which is not the case for UT4...

    I want to make a small level where I can aiming train to shoot linearly moving bots.
    Like as in Diabolical training map on this video.

    The goal is not only to learn to shoot accurately, but rather to figure out how it all works in UT4.

    There may be a "doc" resource or blog somewhere describing the UT classes and their hierarchy in the game structure.
    Point me, please.

    I have a lot of questions, and I’m kind of confused about which one is more important. But, if you’ll excuse me, in order:

    How best to spawn bots:
    1. with Player Start instance on the map?
    2. put the character BP on the map and infuse them with bots. ?

    If "1", then how did the first Player Start instance set to give birth only bots, and the other, only 1st Person.?
    It needs me to be spawn at different sides of the level.
    If "2", what kind of blueprint character to put on the stage. There are many of them in the content browser and which one is correct, I don't know.

    3. How do you infuse a bot into this character to move on Navmesh or some other navigation?
    4. Can the navigation for the bot be drawn manually, as is done in Epic Weapons Tutorial - the bots with the balls go back and forth and don’t shoot you)?
    5. Can I exclude JumpPads from NavMesh routes?
    6. How do spawn bot without weapon or give it a specific one?
    7. In what blueprint can I read bot damage value or other information during the gameplay?
    8. How do a bot add damage to make it "die" on one shot, as in Instagib.?

    1st Person:

    1. Can I not use Player Start for the self-spawn? And pull out the character’s blueprint and infuse myself in it.
    2. Where to read the information about the my frags?
    3. In what exactly blueprint is the logic of my (1st person) character? (onBeginPlay, onEventTick, Movement, Damage etc)

    I’m sorry for asking so many questions. I kind of understand the general way the game works, and I’m a little familiar with OOP, but I can’t find anywhere
    a classes description involved specifically in UT4.

    I’d really appreciate it if you could point me! I really want to understand ))

    Thank you!)