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UnrealFrontend and SlateViewer Display Fine--Everything else functional but all black

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    UnrealFrontend and SlateViewer Display Fine--Everything else functional but all black

    So essentially let me preface this post with the fact that I was able to compile and run just fine about a year ago but I just recently tried pulling the latest release branch, compiling and this is what I'm running into. As stated, in the title, I'm able to compile and run these two supplementary binaries just fine and, just to be absolutely sure I didn't install any incompatible libraries on my system since then, I downloaded and tested some of the Linux Demos posted by Epic and these, including ones that where straight 3D render, worked fine. I even downloaded the source to a simple SDL2->OpenGL demo, compiled it and it worked fine. The weird thing is that when I run either the Editor or the Game, sound, keyboard events and mouse events work just fine. I am able to get black info pop-ups in the editor and click on the top right corner of the black screen to close the editor out. On the game side I'm able to bring up the in game console, type in commands and have them show in the log and even start up a game, press fire and here the appropriate SFX.

    Relevant System Specs:
    mono-3.12.1 and mono- (tried both)
    kernel 4.5.2
    NVidia 680, I7 proc, 16G MEM

    Also note that I am running OpenBox with no compositing extensions installed and so yes, as you may have already guessed I'm not running a supported distro (Gentoo) but like I mentioned, it was working fine at one point.

    Some things I have tried:
    -modifying my ini files to remove any AA, steam and any unneeded post-processing
    -changing the resolution of the game, placing it windowed mode and trying both opengl4 and opengl3, disabling vsync
    -running both debug and development targets
    -compiling and running it on an older kernel along with all older versions of the libraries I listed (circa around a year ago so kernel 3.something) but same situation
    -cleaning and rebuilding the project multiple times
    -going through the instructions on "Building on Linux" again and checking for any relevant fixes on
    -installing an Nvidia driver that's within the supported span listed in the hardware ini

    The log file shows no related errors to rendering and when I enable verbose GL debug with the appropriate environment variable, I get no warnings or errors there either. If I leave it running, the game/editor does not eventually crash but just sits there happily taking up cpu time as if nothing was wrong. The start-up splash screens both show up fine (Unreal Editor as well. I attached a screenshot just be clear (as in totally black, not just partially or windows within editor, etc.).

    Some Log Warnings:
    -ModuleManager: Unable to load module 'OnlineSubsystemMcp' because the file [path to binaries] was not found
    -Failed to initialize voice interface
    -Failed to read file '../../../Engine/Content/Editor/Slate/UMG/SafeZone.png' error.
    -Failed to find a bunch of /Game/EpicInternal/Cosmetic_Items/
    -Missing Material Function
    -bunch of Missing cached shader map for material [material name], compiling.
    -ValidateTemplates '/Game/RestrictedAssets/Weapons/BioRifle/FX/BioNadeExplode.BioNadeExplode_C:InheritableComponentHandler': overridden template is invalid - component 'Effect' from '/Game/RestrictedAssets/Weapons/BioRifle/FX/BioExplodeSmall.BioExplodeSmall_C'
    -a couple FConstraintInstance::GetRefFrame : Contained scale.

    Thanks for looking into this if you can, I'm kind of scratching my head here.

    Quick Update (5/24):

    Turns out that my install is also suffering from a bad case of "Bad hlslcc header found! Missing '#'!" its just that for some reason it didn't crash the Editor/Game nor did it actually show up in any of the logs. I only saw it when I enabled the debug and nothreading flags and attached with gdb. Going back to my 3.x kernel, I found that this issue exists as well, and since I'm using clang 3.5 there, the downgrade clang solution appears to not be working for me. If someone could give me their system specs (lib versions equivalent to what I have listed above) for a system they have the engine compiling on then maybe I could match those and see if I can get any farther. Again, thanks for helping out if you have the time.
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    [Update] UnrealFrontend/SlateViewer Display Ok--Everything else functional but black

    update--see original post


      [FIXED]UnrealFrontend/SlateViewer Display OK--Everything else functional but black

      Fixed--It turns out that the clang-3.5 did fix the bug but I didn't at first notice that the clean target in the make file doesn't force regeneration of the static lib for the hlslcc. I deleted that library and recompiled the shader and now I'm getting expected opengl output. So I can confirm then that the engine compiles and works with the libraries I specified above with clang-3.5.