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Titan Pass missing textures

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    [BUG] Titan Pass missing textures

    Lots of textures on Titan's Pass are missing and have default in their place. It is present on a lot of the buildings.
    The map is also unplayably laggy - i presume though that this is a fault at my end despite all other maps playing perfectly well.

    I encountered the missing textures in the Linux build as well, but also on the map "Underland".


      I'm getting these even with the most current builds. Also a couple of the player models are entirely black.


        Having the same issue, with various textures, latest available NVidia drivers in Debian Sid. Sad to see this issue was originally raised nearly a year ago.

        Edit: If anyone is interested, here's a log, although I cannot see anything obvious, perhaps some version numbers or GL support features have some meaning to someone able to discern what's wrong:

        Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	1 Size:	582.4 KB ID:	387187
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