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Graphical glitches on FR-FORT only

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    [BUG] Graphical glitches on FR-FORT only

    Hi devs,

    Everything runs fine, except the FR-Fort map. I get a lot of graphical glitches which make the map unplayable. Maybe it is useful for you to know.

    I am currently running on an ASUS Radeon R9 Fury 4GB with the AMDGPU driver, using following versions:

    extra/mesa 17.0.2-2
    multilib/lib32-vulkan-radeon 17.0.2-1
    extra/libdrm 2.4.75-1
    extra/xf86-video-amdgpu 1.3.0-1

    You find couple of screenshots attached to show what I mean (I uploaded them somewhere else, forums upload function is presenting a database error).

    Attached Files

    Ditto. Same giant flesh-curtains (ehem) in the middle of the screen. Impossible to see through.

    Using nvidia-375 drivers, really old laptop... won't post full specs as looks like the same exits w/amd... but latest ubuntu...


      Hey, glad to know I'm not the only one. Yeah, it's like this for me too, and only on this map.

      Manjaro Linux, 4.10-8 kernel. Happens with both stable and beta nvidia drivers, versions 378.13-5 and 381.09-1 respectively.

      Given that the development log said this map was in the progress of being meshed in this update, I'm guessing that this is an artefact of an unfinished meshing process?


        Same exact thing for me on this map.

        I wonder if they are supposed to be transparent sheets because I notice some similar bugs with transparency in the Elimination game mode. For example when it goes into overtime there is a giant solid gray sphere that pulses out from the center of the map which I can't see through but other players can. Also the health spheres dead players drop have a gray square above them that I believe is supposed to be transparent.


          Same occurrence here - for me it looks a lot like it's supposed to be the ground texture that has been ripped up and stretched out into mile-tall immaterial curtains. The actual ground in those areas, in turn, is pure black with just a few pebbles scattered about. (Swapped textures?)

          I haven't encountered the kind of transparency errors spacelike is describing.

          Linux client, 4.8.0-46 kernel, nVidia card, version 378.13 graphics driver.


            Same exact issue here too
            Fedora 25 on kernel 4.10.9 running AMDGPU driver with Mesa 13.0.4


              Unfortunately, not fixed in April 18 build...


                Originally posted by VValdo View Post
                Unfortunately, not fixed in April 18 build...
                I'm convinced our only hope for the same Linux bugs that have existed for the last 50 builds to ever get fixed is for them to just finish adding Vulkan support to UE4. Do they even have plans to do it anymore? It used to be on the trello UE4 roadmap, but on the new one I see no references to Linux, Vulkan, or even OpenGL anywhere.


                  Here's a video I took of it. Only appears to be the skybox because caves are fine. Hopefully if they can fix this it'll also fix Underland and the skins that are black (making underland unplayable because you can't see half of the people!)
                  I also clearly haven't played FR in ages because I only just found this. Not fixed in May build


                    Unfortunately this bug persists in the May '17 build.


                      I am impacted by the same bug - was not replicable in previous release.

                      4.15.0-3436913+++UT+Release-Next 511 0

                      Operating System:
                      Ubuntu 17.04


                        The mid-july release is screwy in the same way...