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  • Changing resolution

    I just finished installing UT4 under Linux (Kubuntu 16.04). Works fine, except the fact that I cannot change the resolution, it is fixed at my monitors native resolution (2560x1440) which is too high for stable fps.
    Editing ini-Files does nothing.

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    If you have an nVidia card, you need to install the nVidia driver and control panel.

    Same deal with the AMD card, you need the driver and control panel. A search finds this for your version,

    With fedora, it's sometimes easy now with dnf and rpmfusion. Well, it's easy when it works at least.

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      I figured it out. The resolution cannot be changed when fullscreen is selected, but with the option "windowed (fullscreen)" it is fullscreen and the resolution is changed. However there isn't every resolution possible. 1600x900 is not an option.
      edit:does not work, still changes back to native resolution. I have 384.90 installed.
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