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    Linux development?

    I'm curious about developing under the Linux platform. The details are kinda thin on the FAQ and blog. The first question is why does code intended for linux need to be compiled on a windows system? That seems a bit strange since code compiled on windows won't run on linux. Another question is whether UT4 will support advanced video cards under linux. For example, this system has a GTX 670 using the proprietary nvidia drivers. The Source engine works with them, so I'm guessing UT4 will to at some point (or maybe they do now).

    // Ubuntu 12.04

    They're still working on native Linux compilation. It's already half-working:

    And yes, obviously it will take advantage of the card features...
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      Nice to see linux support. But it does seem there is still a lot of work to do.

      The problem I have is that I'd like to work on a mod for UE4, but my windows system is too old to do it. It's an old 32-bit XP system. It's on my wish list to upgrade it, but my upgrade budget got spent updating my linux system since it's my main workhorse now.

      To UE's credit, their linux support blows aways Valve's SDK linux support which is a total disaster.