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    [CONCEPT ART] Dynamic Music Prototype

    A small blueprint that I was planning to use for a local Unreal 1 remake, but thought it would be cool if this could be integrated as a sort of "Killing Spree Music" making more action when you need it.

    I have to polish the blueprints and since the update that came out today, some time will pass until I can put them for download here.

    The blueprint itself has 2 functions: "Change to Action" and "Change to Normal". Pretty mainstream what they do. Changing to action music fades away the normal music, plays the cue from the beginning and loops it. When changing to normal, the normal music starts playing from where it was stopped, and the action fades away. Normal music also loops, but the loop point was at about 4 minutes, so I decided to not show it in the video.

    There is a debug loop point which is there just for clarity so I can know it actually loops. I know it sounds wrong.

    The blueprint itself is an actor, I wasn't able to put it as level music for now. Once I get some feedback, I'll probably put up a fix.

    There are known bugs and glitches, for example if you change to normal right after loop point, both tracks start playing simultaneously. Another one is that in the beginning of the level you can hear the action cue for a few seconds fading away (workaround is to just leave it so for now as it's just a few seconds). Also others I wasn't able to reproduce.

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    That's a pretty awesome concept you got there, mate. I can totally imagine myself getting a killing spree and then the music turns into adrenalized beats as long as I am on fire ingame. Would like to see this ingame Thanks for doing this!


      Small update to the thread:

      Bug discovered: This currently works only if you are playing singleplayer, I have to check clientside sounds so I can do it for multiplayer. The blueprint was originally planned for a single-player remake, so I didn't do it with multi-player support in mind.

      Download has been delayed because the new engine screwed up some functions I use and I need to do some workarounds to see if I can deliver it here. (More specifically "Fade In" doesn't play from the start time I input it, basically resetting the track if you go in action and then go to normal)

      Cleaned up the blueprint a bit, I had forgotten debug variables, and added comments for when I upload it.

      I'll see if I can get some action versions of existing soundtracks and do a sample video how it would sound in the game.


        This is the type of concept I've been thinking of except for my own film. The music is much more synchronized to what you are seeing and what is happening during the game (movie). The environment is orchestrated by the music instead which..since music sets a tempo is a much more effective way to engross an audience rather than having the music composed afterward. Having the music as the inspiration for the visuals and tempo is, to me, a much better route.
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          UT3 had dynamic music and I have to admit that I liked it really much. If done right it can be very good.


            I'm all in favor of having dynamic music that changes depending on what's happening in-game, the only problem is that it is a lot of work, mainly for the artists who provide the music; they will have to provide multiple versions of the tracks now at different moods, at least if it's done in the right way (they would play in a synchronized fashion and fade in/out, transitioning smoothly into each other).

            A more "lite" way of doing it is by simply making specific tracks for specific events (for when you take the flag, or get a killing spree) and let those play at the appropriate times, but that tends to get old quickly, and may feel less engrossing/immersive because the track is different from the level-track and doesn't have to be necessarily in sync with it.

            One subtle thing that could be done is applying a low-pass filter on the music when you die.
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