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How Can I replace the announcer in UT?

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    How Can I replace the announcer in UT?

    I've been scouring the net on how to figure out to replace the announcer. I'd like to use the "SEXY" announcer from back in the day. I have the mp3 files saved away from way back when. I've looked for some files in the UT folder but im guessing they are all in the engine format. Can someone point me in the right direction?

    Someone please help this guy, so I can have my sexy announcer back!


      It can be done with a mutator buts its a little ugly. The current announcer system does not allow us to just replace the "First Blood", so all the announcements needs to be copied and then over ride the ones you want changed, in this example "First Blood". The down side to this is if/when the main game announcements get updated they will need to be copied over and updated within the mutator.

      The example below is done within the source version of the editor but should work with the Epic Launcher version of the editor.

      Initial Steps

      Go to the plugins directory, in my case \UTDevaUnrealTournament\UnrealTournament\Plugins
      Create a new folder called "CustomAnnouncer"
      Inside the "CustomAnnouncer" folder create a new file called CustomAnnouncer.uplugin
      Within CustomAnnouncer.uplugin enter the following code
          "FileVersion" : 3,
          "FriendlyName" : "Custom Announcer",
          "Version" : 1,
          "VersionName" : "0.0.1",
          "CreatedBy" : "",
          "CreatedByURL" : "",
          "EngineVersion" : "4.15.0",
          "Description" : "Announcer Pack",
          "Category" : "UnrealTournament.Mutator",
          "EnabledByDefault" : true,
          "CanContainContent" : true,
          "Modules" :
      Create a new folder within "CustomAnnouncer" called "Content"

      Copying the current announcer audio

      Open the editor

      In the Content Browser make sure that Show Plugin Content to ticked (click on the little eye symbol and select the option)

      Navigate to the "CustomAnnouncer Content" folder within the editor

      Create a new folder called Audio

      Navigate to Content -> RestrictedAssets -> Audio

      Select the AnnouncerReward and AnnouncerStatus folders (Ctrl click)

      Draw those selected folders over to the Audio folder you created within "CustomAnnouncer Content" and create a copy

      Copying the Announcer blueprint

      Navigate to Content -> RestrictedAssets -> Blueprints

      Find "RewardAnnounderMale"

      Right click and create a Duplicate of this blueprint

      Rename the newly created Duplicate to "CustomRewardAnnounderMale"

      Move the blueprint "CustomRewardAnnounderMale" to the root of the "CustomAnnouncer Content" folder (not the Audio folder)

      Modifying and creating the mutator

      Open the blueprint "CustomRewardAnnounderMale"
      Change the Reward Audio Path to /CustomAnnouncer/Audio/AnnouncerReward/
      Change the Status Audio Path to /CustomAnnouncer/Audio/AnnouncerStatus/

      Save and close that blueprint

      Within the "CustomAnnouncer Content" folder create a new Blueprint Class

      Under the All Classes select UTMutator

      Name this Blueprint "Mutator_CustomAnnouncer"

      Open the newly created mutator and make the following event graph

      Make sure that the AccouncerBlueprint variable has a default value of "CustomRewardAnnounderMale"

      Thee event graph basically say, every time a player is initialized, get the controller, load the announcer blueprint (CustomRewardAnnounderMale), once loaded turn this into a object we can use and set the Players Announcer to this announcer blueprint, in our case "CustomRewardAnnounderMale".

      To override a audio message

      Find the audio, going to use "A_Announcer_RZE_LaunchConfirmed" which is played when the redeemer is launched (found within Audio/AnnouncerStatus/)

      Rename or delete "A_Announcer_RZE_LaunchConfirmed"

      Import your new sound and rename it to the same name as before ("A_Announcer_RZE_LaunchConfirmed")

      Open the imported sound
      Under Sound Class change this to "Announcer"
      Under Sound Group change this to "Voice"

      To try the mutator in game add the to the start up command ?mutator=/CustomAnnouncer/Mutator_CustomAnnouncer.Mutator_CustomAnnouncer_

      Load a map with a redeemer (Example_Map)
      With for the Redeemer to spawn pickup and fire, the new announcement will play


      I'm not tried cooking this and adding it to a server but in theory its a case of running RunUAT.bat within Engine -> Build - >BatchFiles with following options

      RunUAT.bat makeUTDLC -PluginName=CustomAnnouncer -platform=Win64
      The pak will then be created and saved here
      A little more info on cooking content can be found on the wiki
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