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    Theme tune remix?

    Hai there,

    My name is James (aka bbqsawsbaws) and I'm a music producer.

    UT is one of my favourite games, has been since '99 - I'm fairly new to community content creation so I was wondering if it would be a good idea to start work on a remix of the theme tune for UT. I'll be needing some help finding the audio stems from the original track, but otherwise I can do all the work myself. I'm thinking of giving it a heavy dubstep vibe while keeping most of the original instruments/rhythms/keys intact.

    Would this be a good idea in your opinion, and would doing it through the forums have any chance at making it onto the game? (if it was good enough of course)

    James Tocher (bA)

    I like this idea!


      Dubstep is mostly regarded currently as a temporary fad which is going to fade away in several years.
      I think the direction Epic would like to go to the most is industrial, drum 'n' bass, trance or techno.
      Besides, Alexander Brandon and Mike Boss are already doing the music.
      The new UT is coming along nicely...
      Maybe a new Unreal would be a good idea for Epic's next project? It's certainly somewhat overdue...


        Originally posted by iLikeTheUDK View Post
        Besides, Alexander Brandon and Mike Boss are already doing the music.
        That doesn't necessarily mean other artists can't help out. Some other guys like Basehead, Skaven, and Necros did some music for the original Unreal Tournament game, and their work was pretty decent.

        I'd be totally fine with a couple other artists working on the music alongside Alex and Mike just as long as the music doesn't branch out too far from the type of genres you just listed.


          Perhaps it would be a good Idea for UT/Epic to hold a remix competition. Provide some stems (source these from the original composers Alexander and Mike if they still have the project files) for one of the classic Unreal tracks and let everyone have a go at putting their own spin on it. May get some interesting submissions!

          Select two winners. Have a voting poll thing so public can vote for a winner, and the other winner judged/selected by UT/Epic themselves, and feature their tracks in the game and for trailers/promos etc etc etc

          Just throwing thoughts out there
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