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    [CONCEPT ART] Music for CTF

    Music for Unreal Tournament

    Level 17

    Version a

    Hope you like it

    Version C
    Last edited by ra1234567890; 11-29-2014, 08:06 AM.

    The D&B thing is maybe a bit overplayed, but this track was ripe for it. The main track almost feels too slow with all that build up in the beginning.
    Jim Brown
    Epic Games


      The revised version has a shortened D&B thing as suggested.
      Version b


        I actually quite like this (version b), but it feels a bit slow, mind speeding it up a bit just to try out how it sounds?

        Also, in version b I think the bass is a bit too prominent, it has this certain effect on the music, softening it a bit overall, could you try layering a lead over that bass? Not a very strong lead, just something so it's not all bass, synth or electric guitar, so it gets that higher end.
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          DnB is good. The original UT was very DnB focused, but the music needs to be faster and sound more action oriented. This sounds too slow and calm. Sounds like it should be part of a single player campaign or something.


            mmm i feel some same feels that i feel when i first gaming in u1..


              Here is the latest version.

              speeded it up a little.
              Softned the bass.
              Added some strings.
              Version C