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Perhaps we could get Pogo onboard?

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    Perhaps we could get Pogo onboard?

    I'm pretty sure most of you gamers, producers, and composers are known with Pogo's work. I'm following this talented guy for years since he did some briliant mashups on all kinds of popular movies, games, tv-soundtracks.

    I really love his work, and the way he creates music and magical melodies out of 'nothing', with the use of soundbites and FX sounds.

    Three lines are way too short to introduce Nick Bertke to this scene. But how incredible awesome would it be if he could and want to contribute to the next soundtrack of Unreal Tournament.

    He recently released this fantastic piece of Borderlands the pre sequel, i'd suggest you all listen to it for just a few minutes, and get inspired by him and his work.

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