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The Mechanism [Potential Song Submition]

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    The Mechanism [Potential Song Submition]

    Well, here goes round two. I just finished up another song that I'm going to throw out there possibly enter into the resource pool.

    This one is a lot more industrial tinged and heavy sounding with some weird FM noises here and there. Threw in a few other fun little things too! A bit long, but that's a problem I've had, lol. :P

    Hope you guys like!

    Listened to it and imho it lacks presence and is probably too slow for UT. I'm not really getting a UT vibe out of this. You should try to take a video of gameplay of UT, silence it and put your soundtrack instead. That might help you understand why I feel there is a gap between your current soundtrack and a classic UT soundtrack.

    This is a good start, I'm sure with work it will develop into a good soundtrack ! Keep up
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      Sounds like something that could be in the menu of a very retro game, with pixel art and all, but I don't think it has a UT vibe, let alone suitability for in-game music (it's a bit slow like Raste mentioned).

      I mean, quality wise it's great and I have no comments on that, but I wouldn't see myself fragging stuff on this.

      If I were you I'd try to listen to the soundtracks of all past UT games and try to stay a bit closer to that. It's obviously okay to try new stuff, but those games had a formula that simply worked very well, so using them as examples can be very beneficial to the UT vibe in your tracks
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        Cool start

        I have few suggestions :

        1 - The tempo is very very slow. UT is a fast game which need fast tempo. Still, there are exceptions. Effects and melody could stay at the same tempo but the rhythm need to be much faster and energetic. DnB in this case would be a good rhythm.

        2 - The track length is way to long at 9:34. I can be cut easily to ±4 mins if your compacting all the effects into that length and get rid of sections where nothing happen.

        Hope it help.
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