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Sound idea for microtransaction

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    I don't think the technology is there yet to make it sound good for this particular case. There are actually synthesized voices that can mimic actual voices really well, but they often sound emotionless and don't really have the expression an announcer would have for instance and they're also partially or mostly based on actual recorded samples, which brings me to the next point: the problem of actually being able to find that synthesized voice that would fit for filling the gaps of the names, it either has to be exactly like the recorded voice, or all announcements would have to be synthesized.

    But technology on this area is evolving really fast, so perhaps this will become a feasible thing within five or ten years.

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  • started a topic Sound idea for microtransaction

    Sound idea for microtransaction

    Hey guys

    I'm sorry if this is not the right place to make this suggestion but i am a little bit new to the forum.
    The idea is to make the nickname of the player (whatever he chooses when he makes the purchase) part of the announcer . Let's say the player is named "UnrealTournament". When this player does something that triggers the announcer, like for example first kill or double kill, the announcer should say "UnrealTournament draw first blood ". We can go a little bit further and add the name of the guy who is getting owned (ofc if he purchased the microtransaction) to become "UnrealTournament draw first blood on IgotOwned".
    This could be a little complicated just because it has to be recorded by the same man or women who does the announcer to keep the vibe going, however i think would be nice and interesting thing to have. I would love to hear your opinions about this.

    Pros: - pure cosmetic microtransaction
    -high incentive to make big plays

    Cons: -maybe too complicated for sound design team and studio
    -more effort in choosing the nickname as it has to be non-abusive, clear and original