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Concept Tracks for UT and the Unreal Engine Marketplace

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    [CONCEPT ART] Concept Tracks for UT and the Unreal Engine Marketplace

    Hello, I've written a couple of tracks to for Unreal Tournament. I'd like to offer them to Epic Games for use in the upcoming Unreal Tournament, or for sale in their marketplace to gamers as a darker alternative soundtrack for the game, or for sale to modders who are looking music.

    The tracks really compliment the first-person deathmatch experience, by syncronising to the pace of the games and progressively increasing in intensity.
    I recommend listening to the tracks while playing UT death-match and seeing for yourself that the original atypical-beat patterns can enchance your virtual experience to a potency unmatched by dance-electronic.

    Wasteland: Alternative beat progressive electronic, atmospheric

    Electric Ukulele: Fusion of progressive electronic with rock

    Battlefield: Raw drum line with background synths and bass wobbles

    Grounded: Progressive electronic


    Kind regards,
    Dark Blurry Figures

    Wasteland nice


      really solid tracks, man. What software are you using?