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    I'm also for dropping Ludicrous and HS... just unnecessary.

    Side note, I did my own take on the announcer a while back, they're quite old by now but I'd be willing to have another go at it if anyone likes them: - actually maybe I'll do it one way or another anyway, I think I nailed Monsterkill, but my equipment quality was suffering a bit back then so some others ended up a bit muffled.

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      I've noticed that UT99 multikills don't have Mega Kill. That makes Monster Kill come too early IMHO (after 5 kills only). UT2004 was a little extreme with its 8-kill+ Holy **** reward, but Mega Kill should be in UT4.

      This page does incorrectly list Mega Kill:
      It also does not mention repeated Godlike reward (with sound but no message) which happens every 5 kills after first Godlike (25 kills). Also multikills do not reset upon death, among other mistakes. Page seems pretty outdated.


        Pretty good concepts, I'd like the ludicrous kill and holy sh** part, don't know why it doesn't
        feature that in UT3.
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          The secret with the UT Announcer is to not overdo it. The best delivery, IMO, is fairly straightforward and dry. It's intense, but not melodramatic. The same holds true for the mastering. A bit of tweaking is good, but by the time its coming out at frequencies below the human vocal range with reverb and flange and whipped cream and sprinkles, it's jsut too much.
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            Plz keep these from UT99 pleeeease!!
            It the only one thing left from the original game. I mean seriously... the Headshot announcer is just amazing!!!


              Check out this voice, especially from 1:00, maybe it will give you some inspiration