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Foregone Destruction (from Facing Worlds) Remixed!

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    Foregone Destruction (from Facing Worlds) Remixed!

    Hey everyone, I did a remix of Foregone Destruction by Michiel Van Den Bos for the Facing Worlds level back in 2008, I thought I'd share it here.

    I also did a remix of Botpack #9 (also part of the UT99 OST)

    As well as Skyward Fire (from the map Lava Giant)

    Enjoy the nostalgia y'all

    I've been hooked on the prealpha so I'll catch you guys in some DM! maybe hit you with a shock combo or too

    Feel free to check out some of my other works at,,,


    The forgone destruction remix is kinda cool, but maybe it's a bit too slow... also the theme pad sounds could be more present, they sound a bit too diluted.

    Nice work ! Just needs some tweaking imho
    Maps: DM-Hydraulics | DM-Affliction
    Weapon: Redeemer


      Wow, happy to see You here Phrakture! I already have shared some of Your tracks here, but when You're doing it personally it's something different. Really lovin remixed tunes and most of Your tracks on SC, the most impressive imo are those labeled as Progressive Breaks, another perfect style for UT! Feels totally unique and professional. Sound is clear and polished - top notch quality. Hope Your work will be noticed by Epic, so You can get involved to make new UT4 tracks.



        Raste I totally understand what you are saying. This remix is 7 years old now and I believe I was like 13 when I made it so it could DEFINITELY use some tweaks haha. If there were any demand I would totally be up for redoing or updating it.

        Thanks for the support phoraxx , Its funny because Unreal Tournament is what got me in to progressive breaks in the first place hehe. This game has been a huge influence in my life creatively I would be more then happy to give back and produce OST given the chance


          Love your stuff, I've been listening to your remixes ever since Foregone Destruction appeared on ocremix :P The fact that you were 13 when you made it makes it that much more amazing.


            Thank you Sonaeris , I'm just delighted to know that this tune was able to reach such a diverse set of people! I never anticipated it