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What does UT Sound like?

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    Originally posted by Entropy View Post

    If I had to capture the soundscape for THIS UT, I would say:
    - somewhere between Bladerunner and (the original) Highlander in tone
    - technical mix of sci-fi synth and crisp mechanical
    - flippant, but not whimsical

    Which of these is your UT? Or is it something else entirely?

    I think the important thing is rather that the environmental sound is not limiting. The weapons, and characters should have a consistent sound, but be able to adapt to the environment.

    A diverse environmental sound is huge huge huge to the end experience. Think James Bond, when they travel to an icy world, vs an Arab-like world.. or Star Wars, in how the sound changes between planets. That kind of sound *change* is key to the appeal of the game as a whole.

    For example, a shock rifle burst will have much different sound in a hallway, as apposed to a cave, or an open field. That's important for evolution of a game of this type.

    When you say Bladerunner, highlander *and/or* technical mix / crisp mechanical.... that is limiting things a bit for my taste. I think it should be all or any of those depending on the environment.

    However, yes, the weapons / characters / tools, need to have a consistent *core* sound.

    As for the technical limitations on this.. I'll defer to others, because it seems the Map maker is going to have to take a role in dictating how the core sound is going to react in their environment. I don't know if that functionality exists... but I hope it does.. because it *needs* to.

    Thanks for asking Jim!
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      Originally posted by UffDa View Post
      the Map maker is going to have to take a role in dictating how the core sound is going to react in their environment. I don't know if that functionality exists... but I hope it does.. because it *needs* to.
      This happens on multiple fronts, some of which are already possible. For example, you can already adjust reverb settings in a map's halls, rooms, outdoor areas, underwater, etc.(see Outpost for examples). We don't yet have a fully functional physical material system (i.e. metal reacts the same as stone to shots and footsteps) but you can put small patches of water or other audio cues in maps.

      More on topic, however, we had some great discussions around the "sound of UT" at our recent community event, and the folks who were there all seemed to agree on a direction. We'll definitely share that with everyone here once we have some solid examples.
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        Drop some adjectives for us as a teaser. What are you thinkin?


          I think that UT is all about orchestra mixed with drum and bass, as well as trance. Kind of... I could be wrong.


            Music-wise, UT has always had a certain variety to it to suit the levels, which in turn suited the variety of locales the maps take place on. Generally, it'd be split into Orchestral/Electronic/Metal, perhaps a mix of these. I'd avoid funnelling music too far into sci-fi synth before it becomes too arcade-like in sound style; this is a tournament not an arcade game. The music should suit the ambience/action of the levels. Stuff like Forgone Destruction (the atmosphere) and Hyperblast Redux (epic orchestral electronic) just captures the feeling of the tournament, but without going too serious. This UT seems to be headed toward a clean cutting edge sound. I'd like to see a variety of music with Orchestral/Electronic/Metal and subtle sci-fi synth mixed into it as the cohesive sound that ties it all together.
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              So i've been making some sounds for awhile, not including my breakbeats label, but alot of people describe my sound as video game music, so we'll be working on stuff for the marketplace and to submit for community thrashing,
              as it stands i dont know currently what or how to contribute or what of mine i will submit, or how i'll do things differently, or set for in game audio,
              it will take me abit to get situated, but whats coming along and whats possible with how to put this together has totally pulled me in, it's been along time since i made some skins, lol


                Originally posted by MoxNix View Post
                Probably not what you're looking for but one thing I'd really like to see (or should I say hear?) is proper sound occlusion. I don't think we should be able to hear everything on the entire map all the time. I shouldn't be able to hear an opponent pick something up from clear across a big map, especially not when there are multiple walls (or even rooms with battles going on) intervening.

                Make positioning yourself to hear things better part of the strategy and tactics rather than ezmode free information. Like it was in 99 *before players figured out the sound volume ini tweaks to make it so they could hear everything from anywhere.

                As it is now, it doesn't matter where I am or what's between me and any pickup on the map. If someone picks it up I can hear it and automatically know exactly where he is just by the sound. I don't have to do anything special, it's just automatic free information.
                At second thought, I'm not sure this thread is appropriate for discussing what I posted.
                But here it is.

                I entirely agree with MoxNix.
                You can't hear someone taking an item or dodging from across the map, that just CANNOT happen.

                Having played competitively in many games (Quake, UT, PK) at high level, having such sounds will harm competitive gameplay. Competitive duel gaming has always been about mastering those key elements like positioning in order to hear those specific sound cues. With the current build, you basically cannot delay timings of belts/armors without the opponent to know about it (e.g. you can hear someone taking the belt on Lea when you're standing in the Armor area). This is a major flaw.

                Such sounds will hurt specifically the duel format by affecting the flow of the game. I had the opportunities to play against some good duelers in UT4 and with the current sounds it is nearly impossible to attempt and sneak up on someone. Therefore as it currently stands, the aggressor is most often the one who will pay. The game tends to favour a very campy shock-based defensive play-style (e.g. Zaccubus vs. de-pain: From a crowd perspective, that also means a more boring game to watch.

                Sounds need to be re-thought otherwise the game will migrate towards this particular play-style. What made the beauty of other games that became so successful (UT99/Q3) is definitely the clash in different play-styles.
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                  I think UT sounds like this!!

                  UT4 Acapella Sounds (Demo 2) -

                  But in all seriousness, well you know I've been doing a lot of music, which is heavily inspired by the sounds of UT99, which had my all time favorite soundtrack.


                  The track Cybernetika and I did together there called Transference was directly inspired by Foregone Destruction. I hope to continue doing music once I get my hard drive sorted out and figure out where I'm going (moving).

                  In terms of sound design, UT99 stood out the most. I loved the gritty hardcore, almost metallic like sounds of badass weapons and industrial levels, plus all the awesome scifi sounds and ambience mixed in as well (spaceship hums from levels like Oblivion and Hyperblast, etc). The other UT games didn't have as much as an impact for me as UT99 did, so I would say focus more towards the sound design that UT99 had. But that is just my opinion of course.


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                      flippant, but not whimsical.
                      lol what.

                      **** that disrespectful music, why don't you play fair? **** erratic beats!

                      I thought UT was all about changing moods, from being in a tense battle to being out in the clear safety zones, that's the whole point of "Stingers"

                      It's basically the opposite of what is suggested.. gj
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                        Safety zones?


                          I just wanted to point out one thing, I love the sound of UT3 (UT4 placeholder) Rocket Launcher sounds (rocket explosion especially). It's very heavy yes with a quite large amount of bass but it has such a satisfying punch to it, I doubt you can make a new one that I will like better. :P

                          Also same goes for the sniper rifle. Everything else I feel have room for improvements, Stinger/minigun being the most weapon in need of a change of direction in sound.

                          [Slight off-topic]->
                          I can also agree somewhat on the sound occlusion someone brought up, while it's interesting to listen to the sound to make out where your opponent is, it's almost a bit TOO powerful tool, the game could perhaps be interesting when you had to predict more and less listening to the sound. Duellers often/mostly crouch after scoring a kill, waiting to hear where on the map the other player is spawned/moving and reacting accordingly to that.

                          Now imagine if you can't hear the player from the other side of the map with multiple walls in-between, how that will quite drastically change the gameplay when you can't perfectly react and face the opponent in an ideal chokepoint.
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                            My UT is this:


                            I know it's not even stock, but I spent countless hours exploring community-made maps and listening to their music alone, no bots, no players, just me, the map and the music. This is what I remember and love about this game the most - diving into the other people's vision of the future, discovering new things. I think when it comes to music and maps this game doesn't really need a style

                            But, well, that's just my experience.
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                              In terms of sound design UT2004 is my favourite and feels the most like UT. Many sounds are very fast, futuristic and clean. Take for example the Shockrifle sounds (weapon switch, ammo pickup).

                              It also has my favourite soundtrack in the series, or at least the non-orchestra ones. I mean the metal and electronic tunes. Some are great ambient tunes (Tokara Forest), some more action based (Roughinery).

                              Also, this great tune by Distance would fit well, I think.


                                Hi all,

                                I would like so see also some dramatic in the music traks of maps.
                                A great example is KR-CollisinoCourse from UT2003 (2004?):


                                This rocks!