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What does UT Sound like?

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    Weapon and pickup/switch sounds:

    Must be distinctive and easily recognizable. I feel the UT3 weapon pickup/switch sounds are kind of homogenous in this regard.

    Character sounds:

    Can't stand the huge, plodding footsteps of UT3. Can't stand the growling nu-metal slipknot voices of UT2003/4. Go back to something like those from Unreal/UT99.

    We've gotta get that modtracker jank back into the soundtrack. The conspicuously electronic sound of it is unique and, for me at least, inextricably tied to Unreal. That's not to say 2003 onwards didn't have good some tracks - they absolutely did, but I'd like to get at least some of the soundtrack back to that high-tech, low-life demoscene sound.

    Sound Effects:

    Doppler and Reverb. I want to hear projectiles whizzing by me, and CTF-Face, and those volcanic caves just aren't the same without the echo.

    Also, sound propagation. There's entirely too much of it at the moment - I can hear fights going on at the opposite end of the map way too easily. Go listen to the sounds in Killing Floor 2 - they're fantastic. Distant gunfire, even gunfire in the next room over, sounds different, and the propagation and spacial aspects of it are so good that even with a pair of cheap headphones, you can hear gunshots and know where in the map they're coming from. I've no clue how that works, but in KF2, I have absolutely no difficulty in following sounds to their source, and that's something I just can't do in UT4 right now.

    Maybe Tripwire will share their secrets with Epic - I imagine they're on pretty good terms after over a decade of using the Unreal Engine.
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      Hi my vision how should UT be progressed with new music the design should be like these few tracks and also should be more progressive sound with ambient and rock elements with drum and base variation then it gives more creativity and inspiration to play as a winner :

      For me they are awesome. They also suitable not only in game but in late evening too to think about important and nice things...
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        Originally posted by Entropy View Post
        UT3 tried to be impactful, but took itself TOO seriously and came off as melodramatic for many people.
        No, it didn't. Every UT has had a good soundtrack. Don't try to say UT3's wasn't good just because some fanboys on these forums will hate on anything that has to do with UT3.

        As for the question at hand, I personally loved UT2004's soundtrack the most. Something similar to that would be nice.
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          I would like functional audio. Thanks

          Example of awesome audio that lacks functionality (on a basic sound card) is bf3. Sounds amazing, can't pinpoint players with sounds beyond the general direction they are.
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            Didn´t find any thread about this (quickly watched), but would be nice (and very important!) to hear UT sounds/countdown if i alt tab to Windows.


              Well regarding the music style, I personally absolutely do not like epic orchestral stuff like in UT2k. It's just... I can't. I don't hear it as the future. It's too messy, 1990 action movie style. UT for me isn't very heavy. It's clean, precise and electronic. The electronic part of the soundtrack in UT3 and even UT2k4 were quite amazing for the most part, IMO. Varying moods are also a great idea. I love darks serious, but also melancholic and psychotic-happy. Dreamy and major-scale stuff give me the impression that i'm a psycho running around killing people. (TSeals' Solar Fields and Chasing voids are great candidates in this sense. UT3 had Mekalopolis for example.)

              I love some tracks from UT2k4 like Level 5, Level 8, Level 13. The progression makes you really makes you feel like you're becoming one with the place.

              Overall, trance, DnB, atmospheric, even some metal stuff (just some loops here and there, not that much) I find suiting for the game.

              Concerning weapons, I'd love to hear more attitude from the weapons. Like the rocket launcher, link and flak had in UT99. Not just stabs of atonal noise.


                The sound of UT

                When I think the sound of UT, I try to run my thoughts in the same similar manner I do with a song. The chorus of a song, is the main part right? It’s the hook, the thing people remember and has the most powerful part of the song. The same thought patter extends into Arena game-play, in particular UT. What do I remember most from UT, and what has the most powerful experience? Probably, spawn die spawn die… OK so, second most powerful then – the mix of 8 gun different guns with several fire types going off, key mashing to out maneuver an opponent, quick weapon switching, speed and the environment (big or small).

                I’d say its melody structure (or the sound of UT) still exists today in modern electronic mixes and low tempo dub step, and to compile this into UT wouldn’t be a stretch. The rising up melody that introduces the first glance of a map, one that creates a melodic question that is answered by the rest of the song and the game as it is experienced further was perfectly matched in UT99 and a little less in 2k4 and the UT sound of this is very similar to that of any electronic songs intro. The Verse, well this is the stage where the player is forced into what type of gameplay they are involved in, and in the context of UT, the quick dodging, race to the best weapon, bangs and pops is the perfect way I can describe the sound of UT.
                Sci-fi chaos!!

                A UT match has all those features of an electronic mix of dub step song; Intro, chorus (energy), break (cutting out the heavy beat), rise (adding a rising beat following the break) and outro. In relation to UT it would be; Intro (first sight of a map), Chorus is where the energy comes from and that’s the gun sounds, the fast movement, trick jumping and wild gravity. Break; I struggle to contextualise this for UT but I guess in a tight, tied game, where your team just scored that extra flag point or a 2 point lead in TDM, this is the break. I honestly don’t see a place in this for Arena gameplay lol.

                The sound of UT is as diverse as its gameplay. You have a complex mix of close-quarter – medium high temp death match, and overly close-spawn-spamming CTF – long walks in the park style (large CTF) maps.

                Take the original Unreal for example the main theme title. It set the tone for a beautiful realm and depicted the alien world while traversing through it with the cinematic flight. While the music was quiet grave and movie-like, the tune that streams then after is much more comparable of a classic game music.

                The unreal game had combinations of fast past gameplay, stealthy moments and puzzling fantasy. It was a perfect example of a breed between the inquisitive nature of modern Skyrim adventuring and high octane battles in modern arena FPS. As the gameplay adjusted, the music matched its scene and with the path of UT4 focusing on the high speed arena gameplay that made it famous. The music will be pertinent to the mood of the game of course and help keep the game play fast paced and full of adrenaline. It’s easy to say that the mix of sci-fi doof-doof will have a home in smaller DM game play. Which will be the complimented by the mix of all those wild sounds of gun play, and translocator spamming.

                As for UT99, It was an acceptable case of how arena music can be intellectual and gloomy without becoming dull or oppressive like the modern music of today. It succeeded in being melodically gripping, diversely effective (in relation to the size of the map and game type) and futuristic / mechanically charged, and remains a pleasant listen to this day.

                UT99’s diverse contributions all had a place in each scenario, Lava giant had its echoing landscape which was complimented by an upbeat, relaxing lounge feel that played carefully in the background. It would be difficult to match a large landscape such as Lava Giant with a fast paced song like Razor-ub that was very welcomed in the high intensity battles of the small-medium maps like Liandri complex. As for the sounds of UT outro, we don’t need no outro!!! Stick your coda and your smooth landing up where the sun don’t shine.

                The electronic music for the Unreal game universe set the atmosphere for each title perfectly, while been pleasant on its own. I’d personally say:

                Sounds of UT = moody electronic pieces with Synth Pads blended into heavy beats. Multiple tracks been combined into one, with the out of beat bang and pop of arena gun play!!! UT sounds like an impending climax. Sci-fi Chaos!!!


                  weapon vise 99 sounds are the best hands down

                  as to music 2k4 had it going ot and 99 too honestly

                  rankin theme

                  hyperblast theme
                  main menu music

                  the ambient theme for tokara forrest
                  corrugation theme

                  any of these, everything since 98 to 2004 including awakening made me feel unreal, ut3 made me feel gears of war :C

                  another good example how hardcore fps sounds

                  but as i said ut has place for ambient a lot and this track mixes both hardcore and ambient elements

                  this was never ut theme i guess but when i hear it i hear ut

                  it is hard to express with words what you think about music and how it makes you feel but i put 100% trust in epic team on sound design also everyone can see timothy seals theme was loved by community.
                  absolutely cyberpank sci fi <3
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                    UT3 has an awesome soundtrack. There are only a couple of Gears-ish songs.
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                      Originally posted by Entropy View Post
                      More on topic, however, we had some great discussions around the "sound of UT" at our recent community event, and the folks who were there all seemed to agree on a direction. We'll definitely share that with everyone here once we have some solid examples.
                      Any update on this?


                        I know it might be somewhat controversial, but I really loved UT2k4's atmosphere. The soundtrack was top notch and I loved it, the setting was futuristic and almost a little "crazy", but I really enjoyed it. It was gritty but didn't take itself to seriously either.


                          UT3 introduced an amazing mix of electionic music and traditional instruments. Japanese styled maps was my favourite because Taiko drums was really getting me pumped for the action! Also Necris had an amazing twisted Oriental-like soundtrack which felt awesome and fresh comparing to boring orchestral UT2k4 tunes.


                            Well, I played every UT game, but my feelings tell me , that the best music was in the first UT 99. The word that should express the music experience in UT is EPIC. Yes the originall soundtrack back in 99 felt even sometimes heroic with badass sound.


                              In my humble opinion variety should be the key word. Even though of course electro, orchestral, metal and ambient should dominate the whole thing I think the most important thing is to fit each map's atmosphere whatever which style it takes.
                              For exemple Tokara Forest was pretty different than all the other soundtracks in UT 2k and to me it keeps being one of the most remarkable if not the one that stood out the most.


                                I don't know about others, but one of my favorite activites during decompression time after work is watching epic UT frag films? I asked myself why I enjoy watching these videos more than spectating actual games, considering that I can spectate current matches of top players. The answer I found is the music. Most of the frag videos have what I would describe as epic, orchestral arrangements, with a driving percussion section that builds tension and explodes into a massive climax. A perfect example of such work Clint Mansell's "Requiem for a dream." If I have to draw an analogy with the original Unreal Tournament, in my mind, its "sound" was its inclusion of then popular DnB (such as the one in "Facing Worlds"), but I think with the advanced arranging and sampling software available to the everyday user now, massive, suspenseful, movie score-like arrangements are possible and will add a new level excitement to DM game types.
                                What do you guys think?