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Another potential UT track ('99 inspired)

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    Another potential UT track ('99 inspired)

    Hey all. New here.

    I've been composing music for a few years now and recently a friend suggested I try and write something for UT. Being a huge fan of the UT99, it sounded like an amazing idea. So I came up with this.

    I think the mixing could use some work, but I'm looking for any sort of feedback. Thanks!

    Sounds too 90s tbh, when looking at the overall theme.

    It actually sounds like something that could've been in Descent 1 or 2, or Doom/Duke Nukem.

    I think this is mostly because of the bombastic leads and all, usually the instruments used in Unreal tracks are more subtle with less sustain.

    The mixing quality is not all that bad, it seems to be a little bit heavy around the 200-300 hz, but nothing overwhelming
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    IN-GAME NICKS: Avalanche / <--Archer-<<


      well, for an Tournament map as background music.. not bad.. For Unreal as remake .. not well ..

      so, for Unreal Tournament Map, good .. (because the power on it)

      Archer, you have see it right, , but it's an Tournament Music.. it's well for Tournament thrill

      dha dah.. bummbumm thatha..ratata..zinghh zinhhh.. you see archer ? ))))))
      this is an well Tournament Sound.. You can not compare The game with The Tournier,
      the Game have an Story, an adventure .. The Tournament it's easy fast making Points and it is an pure funny Slaughtering
      as Unreal in the History .... the Tournament it is created from the Team killing into the Unreal in the Game,
      because some peoples have meant, they mus kill them Comrades and has found that funny/amusing,
      who fight against the monsters in the game..
      and in this context it is building up the Unreal Tournament , first the DM 1:1 then the Teams,
      later sniping and then Capture the Flag.. and all others ..

      and in this Context, an fast rhythms for UT is this an well UT99 Sound Archer

      best regards
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