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    I actually have a lot of ideas for new quotes and characters. I could also record them, if I only had the possibility: now I'm abroad!

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    Originally posted by rapfamily4 View Post
    By the way, can we suggest, design and share completely new characters?


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    Well, the Unreal universe is FULL of Medieval references... By the way, can we suggest, design and share completely new characters?

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    Probably Samael... if bishop isn't remade, or someone with a cruasder mindset.

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    Cool! Since Bishop isn't still in the game, which character could we give these dialogues?

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  • started a topic Bishop/Crusader Quotes

    Bishop/Crusader Quotes

    I've been thinking, I would like to try and get some of Bishop's quotes from UT3, plus some quotes of my own that can fit the bill. I may record these some day, or if anyone thinks they can pull off Nolan North's Bishop voice well, go for it!

    So here are my ideas.


    • Depart, and Embrace the afterlife.
    • There is no mercy for your kind.
    • Infidel.
    • Heathen scum.
    • I smote thee.
    • Absolution, for the soul of the wretched.
    • A martyr for my cause.
    • Praise my skills.


    • I shall take my vengeance when I'm reborn!
    • I never asked for this.
    • Sweet rapture!
    • Medic!
    • To fall on the battlefield is to rise above.


    • I spy thy enemy flag carrier. (Flag taken)
    • And there came the heathens... (Incoming)
    • Heed my calls! I require aid! (Need Backup)
    • I go to glory! (I'm on offense)
    • None shall pass. (I'm on defense)
    • I hath the flag.
    • You will not fall under my watch. (I got your back)
    • An ally hath been slain! (Man Down)
    • Yes Sir/Ma'am.