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old/improved sounds for announcer?

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  • old/improved sounds for announcer?

    i think the way the "HEADSHOT" and "DOUBLE KILL" and all that had more wight behind it in ut2004 i mean just the sound double kill multi kill MEGA KILL M M M M MONSTERKILL ILL ILL ill that could send a chill down ur spine also the new RAMPAGE sounds so unenthuseastic just rampage who yeah fine.... whatever
    maybe this is just some dumb stuff no one cares about but let me know if anyone feels the same or has something to contribute looking forward to hear some opinions

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    You're not the only one. The announcer does matter a lot , more so for some. But I have a bigger problem with the CTF announcer who sounds like a teenager in a bright mood. If they're using placeholder sound, why not just use ones from previous UT's they always had awesome sound everywhere.


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      It's old 99 announcer, if I don't mistake.
      in 2004 was 5 variations, my lovely is "sexy", I finished all at monster kill =)
      but imo, most brutal voice in ut3. That's what I want to hear, when I kill somebody, if not sexy lady.


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        The announcer sounds you are hearing are a mixture of UT99, and UT 3 sounds. That's why rhey sound different. The "teenage voice" you are hearing is temp recorded specifically for Blitz and so none none of the older games have the correct dialogue lines. Eventually they will all be replaced. But I am happy you guys care about the audio!