So, two streams ago Epic said this is the time to request announcements because they'll start recording them soon. I'm quite surprised there's no thread for it yet, so here goes!

I don't really care much for the rewards announcements, so I guess I'll leave that for others. As for the status announcer, you obviously need to include all of the former gametype announcements, including Bombing Run, (Double) Domination, Warfare, Greed, Betrayal, Invasion, Mutant. Assault has always been a tricky question, because the announcements really depend on the map, so I suppose there's no point in that yet. Perhaps something can be added for Duel specifically too?

Then for other gametypes, I'd imagine some announcements would be nice for Speed, Rocket Arena and perhaps some of the ChaosUT gametypes?

Then the gametype I'm working on myself (XMP), it would be nice to have a full set of announcements too, and some are nicely shareable across gametypes. Since you probably don't have a list of Unreal II XMP announcements, here's a list of what would be good to have (in XMP flags are called artifacts, but I kept the "flag" nomenclature for easier sharing of the sound bits across other gametypes):
  • All flags are in play [For the case when all flags in the game are taken]
  • Flags are critical [For the case when your last flag has been taken, alarming tone]
  • Your team controls all the artifacts
  • Spawn point gained/lost [Or perhaps "captured"?]
  • Your/enemy team controls all spawn points
  • Energy source gained/lost [Ditto]
  • Your/enemy team controls all energy sources
  • Energy is critical [Also alarming tone]
  • Your/enemy team has run out of energy [And/or red/blue/green/gold]
  • Vehicles online/in danger/offline
  • Flag nodes online/in danger/offline [Or perhaps "bases", the place you register flags to score points]
  • Supply packs online/in danger/offline
  • Manned turrets online/in danger/offline
  • Rocket turrets online/in danger/offline
  • Auto turrets online/in danger/offline
  • Land mines online/in danger/offline
  • Field generators online/in danger/offline
  • Laser trip mines online/in danger/offline
  • Supply stations online/in danger/offline

It also needs the Double Domination announcements (Red Team Dominating and Blue Team Dominating, preferably all four teams).

Some more announcements that might come in handy in the future:
  • You are the team leader
  • Red/blue/green/gold respawner is critical/offline
  • Pickups online/in danger/offline
  • Replicators online/in danger/offline
  • Energy relay gained/lost [Or "captured" as above]
  • Production finished
  • Research finished