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Shivaxi - Into The Fray (UT4 Concept Music)

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    Shivaxi - Into The Fray (UT4 Concept Music)

    Wanted to grab some feedback on my new-ish (and non-drum and bass! ) track here:

    So this one I was going for a very techy/industrial vibe, hence I think it'd work well for a map like CTF-Mine, with that whole industrial mining complex theme going on. Lemme know what ya think!

    Proud to say this one also got signed to Plush Recordings which I'm super happy about, and will still be free to use for UT4, made sure of that with the Plush owner =)

    This'll be in my main music thread here:

    Shivaxi - Into The Fray
    MP3 -->
    WAV -->
    Soundcloud -->

    Another cool track added to my collection last month

    Cool to see you made a thread for each track now but still have a general thread that gather all your work. Great work once again
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      Yayy, no drum and base

      My feedback: I really dig the drum work on this one, nice mining feel and industrial vibes. I would prefer the rest of the instrumentation (synth's, base etc.) to have a less ambient, atmospheric sound and be more brute/in-your-face/crisp/crashing/adrenaline-pumping, which of course is just a matter of subjective taste. I do prefer the heavier industrial rankin-esque music style over the industrial drums with atmospheric pads.

      Apart from that, again it's quality work and you did a great job