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Fear Mechanism (Industrial)

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    Fear Mechanism (Industrial)

    This is my first track for UT, and I made it for UT specifically. If someone wants to use it for a map, feel free. All I ask is that you mention me.

    Fear Mechanism (v1):

    Fear Mechanism (v2):

    Fear Mechanism (v3):

    Fear Mechanism (v3) WAV format:

    Fear Mechanism (v3) FLAC format: (thanks to Stevelois for the conversion!)

    I had an rusty/grimy/industrial/factory complex in mind when I made this. Lots of mechanical "clicky" sounds.

    I also took weapon sounds into account, so there's a bit of open room in the mixing.

    Feedback is much appreciated! This is by no means the final version of the track, it's very much open to changes and I'd appreciate input.
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    Hi, the style really suits to a factory industrial level and your execution is pretty on point. Personally I would enjoy if there would be some lead melodies above the industrial rhythm that give this track a bit more character.

    Here is an example of what i mean from the 2004 DM-Rankin soundtrack:

    Just basically a small melodic theme that reoccurs during the track with the pounding industrial beat in the background. I think this would make this even better and make it sound more in-your-face/recognizable and less ambient. You have a bit of melody in the very end (the synthesizer) and I think you can utilize this theme in a varied way earlier in the song as well (or add new melodies, totally up to you). But of course my perception is totally subjective

    Also 1:10 sounds totally 300-soundtracky :>

    Good job, keep working on it!


      zedmaster pretty much said what I also think, lead melodies and perhaps some harmony would benefit this piece a lot, right now it is great ambience but it lacks elements that would make it feel like a memorable music track if you get what I mean.
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        This is a great start

        Indeed, it is perfect for an industrial map, for example, the Assault game type would fit like a glove

        My suggestions :

        - The overall output sound to low. It sound like the volume is at 75% ? Volume need to be higher.
        - There is a sound that seem to be a pad which sound like a "ping-pong" pallet. It sound completely out of place and you can hear it at 1:03 - 1:24, also at 1:51 - 2:04 (more subtle there). It would be much better if it was more metallic.
        - I like your overall composition but it need a certain "conductor" trough the track. A rhythm, a melody, something that tied everything together.
        - The electro / trance effect at 2:05 - 2:18 is **** nice and I think it would be good for the track if it was more use.

        In all, it's a great track and it only need some polishing imo.

        Continue your great work!
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          Thanks a lot for the feedback, guys. I was actually having second thoughts whether or not I should have a stronger lead melody. For whatever reason, I ended up going for a more ambient approach.

          I decided to remedy that and gave the song a bit of an overhaul, as well as a bit more 'oomph'. Here it is.

          Fear Mechanism (v2):
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            Version 2 sounds pretty cool, I like the track quite a bit. However, I think the different motives switch too fast during the song, it never really lets you get "into the groove". So either you try to create somekind of element which ties all the sections together, as Stevelois suggested, or maybe you can just make them longer.
            Anyway, great job!


              Thanks! Some motives don't last too long, that's true. That was pretty much because the track is meant to loop, and as such, I felt that some parts (especially calmer ones) might ruin the flow if they hold your attention too much. I think the running element (the lead bass tone) does a pretty good job of tying the parts up together, although I agree that perhaps lengthening some more aggressive parts might be a good idea.


                The least I can say is that I really like v. 2

                If you intent to release a v. 3, I have some little suggestions :

                1. The "ping-pong" sound like is still there as mentioned in post # 4 but the overall track is much better I only hope it would sound more metallic.
                2. The overall output is a bit low. I must crank up the volume for the track sound as loud as all the others. The could be boost by ±4 - 6 Db.
                3. If you release another version, release the track with a natural start/ending simply because making a track looping indefinitely can be easily done inside the UT sound editor.

                THX for following my suggestion of sharing the WAV file too

                Again awesome work and it can only get more awesome !
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                  By the tittle I was expecting something like " Mechanism 8 " you know ? but this sounds pretty original. and quite nice for a big and dark map


                    Fear Mechanism v3 ( is finished!

                    This version was more focused on technical aspects of the song and just general polish, plus a few minor additions here and there. Now it sounds much louder, and much more in-your-face. I'd call the track more or less finished, but as always, if there are any suggestions, I'm all ears.


                      It does sound in your face! I really want to see this one on a claustrophobic dirty old factory map great job!


                        V. 3

                        Awesome work with this release

                        THX for applying some of my feedback from v. 2

                        A keeper !


                        You can add the v. 3 download mirror for the Flac file in your OP
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