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[DONE] Atrium (project name: Isolation) - track for DM-Anturium

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    Well I can't speak for the map's author, but I think that's a pretty damned good fit. That sounds great Archer, I can easily imagine hearing that during gameplay

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  • [DONE] Atrium (project name: Isolation) - track for DM-Anturium


    Progress update 3 (15-01-2016):
    - Finished track (tons of changes)

    The track is finished, it has been renamed to "Atrium", because "Isolation" was a bit too depressing for the track, hence the title change in thread.


    Old stuff below

    Progress update 2 (30-12-2015):

    - Finished arrangement block out (so length is set in stone now, 3:18)
    - Finished mastering pretty much (have to test some more in-game)
    - Added new part at end (still very WIP, I need to flesh it out a bit)
    - Slowly started adding more and more variations here and there, more will come
    - Made it loop seamlessly as test
    - Tweaked bass in mid-piece

    It's getting there, although the new part that got added is still a copy-paste job with some tweaks for now, it will receive a lot more refinement before considered finished. Feedback is welcome, as this will likely be the last update to the track before being finished



    Progress update 1 (28-12-2015):

    - Completely revamped drum build up and intro drums
    - Widened up overall mastering
    - Brightened up overall mastering
    - Added some distant drums and FX
    - Improved melody stereo effect in the mid-piece and changed melody at the end of it slightly
    - Introduced some new harmony progression towards the end, not sure if I'll stick with it, but it will probably
    - Lots of other tiny things tweaked here and there

    It should sound better overall, although I'm afraid that it is drowning a bit in terms of separation, so I'll likely work on that next. Feedback is appreciated.



    Might be a bit too early, but wanted to give an update in terms of music because I've been absent for a while.

    This is what I got so far:

    It is intended for this map by Conrad Justin:

    Track is not done yet obviously, but any feedback is welcome

    My plans are to make it around 3-4 minutes, ramp up drum variation and improve the bass melody, and perhaps try some crazy stuff I haven't tried before : P

    I'll post updates regarding the track on this thread.
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