Hello all!

I'm a sound designer / composer and I am very interested in taking part of the Unreal Tournament development.

Below are some information about myself:


Music Skills
• Strong knowledge of music theory, history of music, musical analysis and musical aesthetics.
• Comfortable writing both classical and popular music (any genre).
• Good knowledge of any period of music (medieval, barroque, classical, romantic, 
modern, contemporary).
• Ability to create music for any kind of media (adaptive music, horizontal orchestration,

Game Audio Skills
• Familiar with Wwise, FMOD and Unity platforms.

• Unreal 4 beta tester (I was a tester when it was still the beta version, obviously).

• Strong comprehension of the aesthetics concerning game audio.

Programming Skills

• Ability with Real Time Audio Synthesis and Algorhithmic Composition.
• Proficient with SuperCollider, Chuck and PureData.

• Basic knowledge of the main programming languages: C, C++, C#.

• Good comprehension of Object Oriented Programming.

Previous Works
AppocalipZ Project (WIP - https://www.facebook.com/Projeto.ApocalipZ)


Email: fgrisi@gmail.com (use it also for Skype)