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    This has to be the best news that I heared in months.
    I still listen to the original soundtrack at least once every month, even before the new engine was announced. The game had a big impact on me not only just because of the game itself, but the soundtrack had a big influence on the music that I listen to/create today.
    I have played all the Unreal Tournament games for countless hours, but the soundtrack from the first game is the only one that I still listen to. I can't really come up with any of the names of a track from UT2k3 or UT2k4. The third game had some remakes from the first soundtrack, but it's just not the same as the original. I did like the UT3 mix of Mechanism 8 though.

    It would be great to hear some remakes from the old tracks, but it would be even better to hear some new work from these great artists in the next Unreal Tournament.
    I really could not imagine a new unreal tournament game without a soundtrack by Michiel van Den Bos and Alexander Brandon (and maybe an extra track by skaven or some other people, like old times).

    My favorites tracks would be:
    The Course
    Foregone Destruction


      Oh wow. If this could happen, I'd be over the moon!

      The original UT soundtrack complimented the gameplay, pace and style absolutely perfectly, and no UT has come close to matching it since.


        The music in the original UT was a big part of the experience. I hope for the new UT to be just as awesome as the first one. It`s time that one of the great classic arena shooters gets a worthy remake/sequel. To make it even more of a great game, hire this guy to compose the music for it!


          Some of my favorites:

          The Course
          Foregone Destruction
          Skyward Fire

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            Yes! UT OST is on my portable media player all the time and yes I love it and want to hear more!


              Best news of the day!
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                Just signed up here to say: the community needs Alexander Brandon and Michiel van den Bos! IMHO the music is essential in these type of games. We need them both, and our dreams become true!


                  Originally posted by Michielvandenbos View Post
                  I was wondering if there is any interest in me getting involved and I'm sure I can get Alex to join in too.
                  Hell yes!


                    Wow had to register just to post in this.

                    UT99 and Deus Ex have the best video game music of all time. Nothing comes even close.

                    Seeing you guys here is AWESOME.


                      I very much support this idea. I have played almost all Unreal games that came out in the last 15 years (save for Unreal Gold) and the music in the first Unreal/Unreal Tournament games was indeed an integral part of their success and many tracks are my personal favorites to this day.

                      I would gladly pay the full price for a new UT if Michiel and Alex Brandon were the composers. Get them on the project ASAP!

                      (Btw. signed on to here to say this, too)


                        This has to be 100% YES! Who would say no to this? The music on UT99 was the most iconic music in a game for me.

                        My favs are - Foregone Destruction, Strider, Go Down, Lock, Mechanism Eight - Necros, Save Me, Unreal Tournament Menu and obviously Unreal Tournament Title!

                        Please make this happen.


                          Originally posted by vackillers View Post
                          Guys name some of your most favorite unreal tournament tracks and which map it was on:
                          For me...

                          • BotMCA10 (DM-Tempest)
                            • Michiel van den Bos did this one. I find myself whistling its main catch (starting at about 1:20 in) from time to time.

                          • The Course (DM-Agony)
                            • I *THINK* Michiel did this one. (I remember asking him once who did the uncredited tracks, but I don't have logs of it, something I've kicked myself for ever since I discovered.) It fits in with his general style of liking repeating sections, but if either him or Alex want to correct us, please enlighten.

                          • Enigma (DOM-Cryptic)
                            • This one was done by Dan "Basehead" Gardopée. I liked the ambience of the track, it gave it a real nice, mystical feel.

                          • Firebreather (CTF-Coret)
                            • Teque (Tero Kostermaa) and Nitro (Kaj-Eerik Kompaa). Probably my favorite track that Messrs. Brandon and van den Bos didn't do.

                          • Foregone Destruction (CTF-Face)
                            • Michiel van den Bos did this one, and it is probably *THE* most singularly identifiable track. Admit it, you read "CTF-Face" and that intro played in your head, didn't it?

                          • Go Down (DM-Hyperblast)
                            • Alexander Brandon's first track on this list. This got remixed by Kevin Riepl in UT2004.

                          • Lock (DM-KGalleon)
                            • I think this was Alexander Brandon? Can't be sure, and I don't remember. It could be Michiel's too due to the repeating sections (a noted part of tracks he does); if so, sorry for the misattribution Michiel!

                          • Mechanism Eight (DM-Zeto)
                            • Andrew "Necros" Sega. Another solid track; this one got remixed in UT3 but, again, didn't quite have that same soul.

                          • Nether animal (DM-Fetid)
                            • Michiel van den Bos? It fits his style more I think...

                          • Razorback (DM-Liandri)
                            • Peter "Skaven" Hajba. Granted, I heard this one *WAY* too often back in the day. Seemed to be in like every third map. Wouldn't be opposed to it coming back, but would hope it not get so overused in custom maps if so.

                          • Run (DM-Conveyor)
                            • Michiel van den Bos. Easily one of my favorite "less known" tracks from UT99. I view Jesper Kyd's "Robot Factory" in UT3 as a kind of spiritual successor to this.

                          • Skyward Fire (CTF-LavaGiant)
                            • Michiel van den Bos. This track made this map just as memorable for me as CTF-Face's. Can't play the track without remembering the map. This got remixed for UT3 but it was made way too action-y, whereas here the quieter and simpler tones helped bring in that feeling of isolation/desolation.

                          • UT Title & UT Menu (...Well, the Intro and the Menu)
                            • Both Michiel van den Bos and Alexander Brandon - at least, for the Title, dunno about Menu. Either way, we still think about these songs. They're still being remixed in every UT yet (save for UT2003), and it's pretty much a given that the menu music returns in some form.


                            Back in the good old days we build our own maps with our own music in it 'mostly inspired on the official UT99 tracks'.


                            You're not only a great inspiration you're our hero. If EPIC isn't hiring you and Alex they are retarded. Other composers can't give this game the right mood. You guys need to do this!
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                              My mind is blown. Michiel and Alex, you two are very much responsible for the success of the Unreal franchise. That atmosphere, melody and tempo in your music is what set Unreal apart from all other games. The very first thing that comes into my mind when I think Unreal is your music and the maps they're tied to. My brother and I sometimes quiz each other on "which map was this song in" and we hum the tune. You two are legends in my eyes.


                                Originally posted by EpikGegaMames View Post
                                the community needs Alexander Brandon and Michiel van den Bos!

                                UT without Alexander and Michiel ( other games as well Deus Ex for example) is ont UT. Please. Do this.