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    I've been working on a track which I would like to submit for the project once the track is finished. Currently, I've got a WIP version up for listening over at Soundcloud.

    Most of the track submissions I've heard seem to be skewed towards the drum and bassy vibe which was present in UT99, but I wanted to take a different approach in my track. Slower, darker, but with a drop of airy tech which people liked in UT99.

    I guess this was most inspired by the space themed maps of UT99 and UT3, like Phobos and Omicron Dawn. The name "Derelict" is a working title, referring to some abandoned hi-tech space stuff, maybe it will be the final title too.

    Things I want to work on if I have the time and willpower:

    - Take a few looks at making the bassline a bit more dynamic maybe in terms of melody, though I do like the current ambienty booming it has.
    - The acidish hacksaw which first fades in after a minute or so, it becomes a bit monotonic after a while so some variation could be attempted.
    - Maybe some better transitions between sections, small and large.
    - General mix and levels between instruments, the drum kit requires some tuning at least.
    - Take a few tries with adding some sound effects here and there, though I do not want to cram it full.
    - The automation of the arpeggio synth, fade ins and outs, and so on. A bit tacky in places.

    I will be working on the mixing and quality in any case.

    Things I guess people will comment on:

    - The low end is pretty punchy and powerful, yes.
    - Sloooow, yes.

    I agree that the low end might be a little powerful and I might take a look at how to make it less driving. On the other hand I think it is one of the lead elements of this track. We'll see. Regarding the speed: I intentionally wanted a slower track to separate this one from the faster DNB sets I've been hearing. I did try to add a faster cookie-cutter 4-to-the-floor section but I could not make it work in a way that I would've liked.

    In any case, you can hear the current work in progress version over at Soundcloud:

    The Soundcloud track is private so I do wish people don't go overboard with resharing the link, I'll gladly make a more public release after some finetuning.

    EDIT: let me know if the Soundcloud link doesn't work and I'll go through the settings
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    That raspy bass is different but reminds me of snoring a bit too much. Also, I find the intro too long. For a game, I find the tracks have to move into the main theme/feel quicker. That kick drum is too intense for my ears, it gets painful/annoying after some time.
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      I'll see what de-rasping () the bass, toning down the kick, and altering the intro a bit does. Many thanks!
      Also known as musilowski.
      UE user since 1998.