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Save Me (NU remix)

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    [CONCEPT ART] Save Me (NU remix)

    Hello hello, guys!

    Too quiet in Music Thread? Let's break the silence with some noise
    "Save Me" intensive remix for Your attention!

    I hope You'll find it worth seeing and listen,
    Thank You much!

    320 kbps .mp3 link:

    SoundCloud link:
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    Go Down 2016 (UT4 redux)
    Mechanism 8 (NU remix)
    my other UT4 demo and UT99 music remixes

    A really good track as always.

    But to be honest, I'm kinda disappointed that the guitar isn't more proeminent in it. Probably my nostalgia kicking in (again), but i feel like the electro part takes it too much, where the powerful and frantic guitar was actually what set it apart from other tracks like Skyward fire, The Course, Go Down etc...
    However I still strongly enjoy what you did with it, plus doing a long version instead of a short one. I was even curious if you would change or redo the guitar. I'll gladly listen this music.

    Keep up the good work !


      A UT worthy track, if you ask me. Keep Up the GoodWorks necto!
      Explosive High Voltage UT99


        The groovy remix, great work Necto - i'd like listen this track in game


          Thank You all, guys, for Your feedback! =)
          Yep, it was my strong intention to make it more electronic, maybe I went too far, however xD xD Yea, and mastering is a bit too bassy, I know, will fix it later ))
          Go Down 2016 (UT4 redux)
          Mechanism 8 (NU remix)
          my other UT4 demo and UT99 music remixes


            Save Me was a great piece of music. They don't need any more sound. The Save me telefon zil sesleri is also used by me for my mobile device.
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