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Superfist (NU remix)

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    [CONCEPT ART] Superfist (NU remix)

    Hi guys!

    As I've heard there is some stagnation with UT4 development... but I've asked myself could it be the real reason to stop making remixes on it's beautiful original tunes? Of course not
    So let me entertain You a bit with the next remix I've made as a result of a splendid collaboration experience with pro guitarist and second opinion mixing engineer.

    Thank You for Your time and I hope You'll enjoy it just as I did during making the remix

    320 kbps .mp3 link:

    SoundCloud link:
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    Awesome track!!!

    Would you mind share the wav plzzzzzzzzz
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      At first I thought I was hearing some kind of power ranger tunes or something with the first few notes of guitar at the beginning. I laughed a lot.

      I'm quite surprised (in a positive way) at the direction you choose for this song. Compared to the heavy industrial metal/hard techno we generally hear in the more dynamic song of UT99 you take something like a more lighter action packed rock. I find it extremely interesting with this track, I like it quite a lot.
      It shows that you're capable of visiting multiple genre, and still can blend them in and give a new breath to some old tunes we know and love. I really want to see what you can still recreate. Beetwen the more orchestral military side (Colossus, Mission Landing), Space-y electronic (Skyward Fire, Run, The Course), Fast beating techno (Mechanism eight, Organic, Save me), you really explore different way to mix, and I'm eager to see what will come next.
      I would like to listen one track you remixed with something heavier, more metal like (Razorback maybe ?). I'm curious about the result you'll come up with. But I'm happy with whatever you create.

      Keep up the good work Necto !
      Now back to mashing the refresh button until your next remix comes out !


        It sure does make you want to go play UT -till the birds start singing!
        Keep Up the GoodWorks necto! & I hope to hear this on a map in the near future!
        Explosive High Voltage UT99


          Great mix, i want to listen it in the game.