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Underworld II (NU remix)

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    [CONCEPT ART] Underworld II (NU remix)

    Hey hey UT Community!
    I still don't leave my hope of UT series and I wish You not to

    For an entertaining minute allow me to remind You a really great, mysterious, and sandy track by Alex Brandon. Tremendous work and I'm glad I took a shot with my interpretation
    I've got a huge joy making it and I hope You like it watching\listening as well

    Thank You much and let's believe in onedays glorious UT4 release!

    320 kbps .mp3 link:

    SoundCloud link:
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    Go Down 2016 (UT4 redux)
    Mechanism 8 (NU remix)
    my other UT4 demo and UT99 music remixes

    You really nailed this one !
    I really liked the age-old feeling often associated with antiquity like world in this one. Would fit very well with any Nakhti/Egyptian themed map, but also with Mayan/Aztec map with the jungle around (I personally always thought that AS-Rook was aztec themed, dunno why).

    Keep the good work (and the spark of hope) going !


      A very proper mix you've presented us with necto! Positively Keep It Up!
      Explosive High Voltage UT99


        necto - This is nothing less than amazing. Thank you for sharing it!
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